Janice Dean Collects Poignant Stories in 'I Am the Storm'

Fox News Meteorologist Gathers Several David vs. Goliath Accounts in Latest Book

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Review

Although she has no problem communicating with larger audiences, respected Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean is more accustom to forecasting inclement weather, rather than being the origin. In her latest book 'I Am the Storm', Dean collects personal stories from everyday people who like herself have taken on their own 'David vs Goliath' battles and emerged victorious. aaaaaaaastorm1

In over 225 pages Dean shares the accounts of several women, men, and groups that have stood up against persons in power, governing bodies, and big corporations all in the name of morality, justice, and accountability. Although 'I Am the Storm' is ripe with sadness and heartache, it's overall message is one of retribution, determination and hope.

Despite overwhelming odds, Dean and those chronicled in her book persevered, uncovering lies, deceptions, and misdeeds of people in authority. Whether in the workplace or under the guise of serving the public interest 'I Am the Storm' is an expose' on how power and control often rears its ugly head, but for those willing to take a stand against abuse and mistreatment there can be a collective calm after the storm.

Dean begins with her own family's struggle to fight the fight she and her husband fought after her in-laws died suddenly due to then New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo and his mishandling of nursing homes during the early threat of COVID in 2020. Cuomo is further singled out in several chapters regarding his #MeToo exposure. Those accusations which proved to be true brought down the once heralded democrat who many had already pegged for the White House.

While many of the narratives listed in 'I Am the Storm' came about during the recent pandemic, others revisit more personal struggles. There's beautiful account from Mike Eruzione who along with some other ragtag 20 something year olds and a gutsy coach lead the USA to a gold medal in the 1980 Olympics, but not without first getting by four time gold medal winners the Soviet Union. Sports enthusiasts may recall he scored the winning goal against the Russian team.

If you believe in miracles, than Carlla and Brad Detwiler's story is not only miraculous but perhaps the most touching chapter in 'I Am the Storm'. With child in 2018 Carlla and Brad were advised their unborn child had no kidney, and it was best to end the pregnancy. Relying on their combined Christian and Catholic faith the Detwiler's decided to undergo a risky one of a kind surgery rather than abort. While young David will soon turn three, and facing many challenges, his parents commitment to life is truly inspiring. Readers may need tissues nearby.

'I Am the Storm' will enrage readers and tug at your heartstrings at the same time. Among the recollections are stories of accountability after 911, the high profile sexual abuse of Olympic gymnasts, and parents taking on local school boards as well challenging the National School Board Association.

Many of the accounts detailed made headlines, but for some they were more personal uphill battles. Arlene a Georgia native happened to work in New York during COVID. Her story is one of survival and divine redemption, giving God the glory for bringing her through the worst of the pandemic, ultimately using her servant attitude to help fund and support youth related safe havens in her Georgia community.

Chef Andrew Gruel and his wife Lauren's story is quite compelling. The California couple were outraged when Governor Newsome pretty much shut the food and beverage industry down during COVID, adding that outdoor dining was just as problematic. Newsome's hypocrisy later emerged for all to see. Running several businesses and keeping several people employed was tough enough with government overreach. The Gruel's decided to get vocal and become advocates for the industry and their employees. Their never give up sentiment is uplifting.

Janice Dean might be a familiar face on the more conservative Fox News channel however, several of the stories she's gathered come from varied backgrounds, and show bipartisan cooperation to achieve their respective outcomes.

Can one man or one woman make a difference. aaaaaaaastorm5Can a single voice be heard over a tumultuous crowd. 'I Am the Storm' is proof that grit, determination, and tenacity when weathering near impossible odds can bring about effective change. If you're looking for an edifying read, a book that will make you believe in miracles and renew your hope in everyday people than I recommend Dean's latest collection of David's slaying modern day Goliaths. For more visit https://www.harpercollins.com/products/i-am-the-storm-janice-dean?variant=40371773505570