10 Ugly Sweaters We Found on Amazon Today


It’s that time of year, folks! As Christmas approaches and Hanukkah begins, it’s time again for the season of the ugly sweater. From festive and fun to downright dirty, the internet has a plethora of sweaters for every party-goer. Here is our list of the best ugly sweaters we found on Amazon today.


1) If you want to rock that fresh Mr. Rogers style with zero effort, this is the sweater for you.

ugly sweater 01



2) This one says “I’m interesting" so you don't have to! How does a T-Rex even put on a sweater?

ugly sweater 02



3) Mary, did you know... that your baby boy… could look so good? Sweet Jesus.

ugly sweater 03



4) MerSanta? Jolly Old St. Mercolas? Father MerMas? Santamaid? We'll workshop it.

ugly sweater 04



5) So this one is more a sweatshirt than a sweater, but come on. You gotta admit this one is too Hypnotizing to leave out.

ugly sweater 05



6) For those families who celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, this is...well, it’s an option.

ugly sweater 06



7) Here's a great gift for all those sloth-lovers out there! Or a signal to everyone who sees you that you like to take life slow.

ugly sweater 07



8) Who doesn’t like a Challah-day pun?

ugly sweater 08


9) Let's add lights, they said. It'll be fun, they said. ugly sweater 09



10) And don't forget the pets! They love to dress up in ironic sweaters too. Looking good, little friend.ugly sweater 11



All jokes aside, we really do love these “ugly” sweaters and how creative people are getting with them. Show us your best Christmas sweater on Facebook @VisitCharlestonSC or tag us on Instagram @visit_charleston_sc with the hashtag #charlestonsuglysweaters.


Happy Holidays!

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