Most Romantic Bed and Breakfasts in Charleston SC

Younger American tourists increasingly choose bed and breakfasts over hotels for their trip accommodations. And Charleston, South Carolina, is rife with cozy inns that will make you feel at home. In addition to world-class events like the Spoleto Festival, Charleston is home to some of the finest beaches in the country. Charleston, however, has an evident historical aspect, as seen by its many old inns. The majority of these hotels include extras like complimentary beverages in the evening and afternoon tea. Today's article presents the top 6 most romantic bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC.

The 10 most romantic bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC

If you're planning a vacation to Charleston, staying at a bed and breakfast is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and boost a small company. The owners of these unique inns will typically go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and memorable. They may also advise you on excellent destinations that tourists less frequent.

Charleston is bursting with cute and cozy inns where you and your partner are in for an extraordinary date. 

1. Two Meeting Street Inn 

The Two Meeting Street Inn proudly proclaims itself as "Charleston's Most Admired Inn." That is why we must include it in our top romantic bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC, list. It faces White Point Gardens and is a short distance from the Charleston Battery. Many tourists to Charleston seek Charleston's historic antebellum architecture, and this historic inn provides just that. It is one of the top picks for a weekend of romance in Charleston due to its timeless elegance. The rooms at this high-end hotel are decorated in a unique style reminiscent of a renovated Victorian manor. However, the exceptional quality of service and care it provides more than makes up for the lack of cheaper options.

2. Barksdale House Inn

Barksdale House Inn, established in 1778, features individually designed rooms in a European style. Not to mention, this Charleston B&B is dripping with character. What more could you want from a bed and breakfast than a selection of four-poster and canopy beds and a daily a-la-carte breakfast? You can stroll to the Old City Market in about a minute and get walking tours within ten minutes of the inn. Customers have said that the Inn's location makes it a great base from which to explore everything that Charleston has to offer. If you want to learn more about popular attractions in Charleston, feel free to visit for more inspiration. 

3. Ashley Inn 

This inn has been here since 1832, making it yet another relic from the past. Its bright pink walls and lush foliage give the impression of a home that has proudly endured the test of time and is still occupied by its original family. Nonetheless, despite its location in a picturesque residential region, it is rather close to the bustling Elliotborough-Canonborough commercial center. Because of its strategic position, it serves as an excellent home base. Visitors may easily access the city's cafés, the historical quarter, and beautiful strolling trails from this location. It's near MUSC but not in the middle of the action, and it has six guest rooms, a suite, and a carriage house.

In many romantic bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC, you get unique quirks like afternoon tea or champagne. 

4. Elliott House Inn

The Elliott House Inn, situated in Charleston's old city, is ideal if you enjoy eating outside. Can you imagine having breakfast in the warm southern sun at one of the top bed and breakfasts in Charleston, which boasts a beautiful terrace and patio? Each room has a contemporary aesthetic that is warm and inviting. Guests may unwind with a drink in the bar or lounge after a day of sightseeing in Charleston. Among the very best hotels in Charleston, this is a top pick. There's no need to skip this section.

A stay at our Charleston B&B places you in the center of all the action. The Gibbes Museum of Art is only three minutes distant on foot, while Waterfront Park is only nine. Charleston is so lovely to stroll about that you can quickly get around without a car if you don't want to or need to.

5. 20 South Battery 

The freshly rebuilt 20 South Battery is a beautiful building with a rich history. This Charleston B&B is directly across the street from White Point Garden, a picturesque location that was also the scene of pirate executions and the start of the Civil War. Nearby attractions include Marion Square, located less than two miles away, and Melton Peter Demetre Park, slightly over two miles away. One of the finest Charleston boutique hotels. Charleston is so wonderful that many visitors stay here for a little longer. Even though there's been an increase in people moving to Charleston, would suggest that you consider the current home market situation before making that decision.

A continental European breakfast is served to hotel guests every morning in the library (yes, a library!). Following a day of sightseeing in Charleston, relax with wine and cheese in the grand ballroom of this historic inn.

You will love this place if you are an old soul. 

6. John Rutledge House Inn

The John Rutledge House Inn is even older than the Ashley Inn, making it another one of the most romantic bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC. This exquisite historic inn boasts a delicious slice of history. A cannonball and George Washington are among the few buildings built in 1793 that can claim to have survived. It adjoins the Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Broad Street. There are also enough contemporary conveniences to ensure you don't feel like you've gone back in time too far. The entire structure was refurbished within the past few years, so guests may enjoy all of the conveniences they've come to expect.