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Historical Marker Program


Did you know that the Town of Mount Pleasant has an Historical Marker Program? The program allows property owners to apply for Historical Roadside Markers for any property of historic significance within the town limits. The program is funded by the Town of Mount Pleasant Accommodations Tax and is administered by the Town of Mount Pleasant Historical Commission.

The mission of the Historical Marker Program is to identify and interpret places important to the understanding of Mount Pleasant's past, such as the site of a significant event, the location of an historic building (either lost or still standing), or a place associated with an historic figure or institution. With over 60 markers throughout the town limits, the program depends on the citizens of Mount Pleasant to suggest and document a place that may be eligible for a marker. Each marker interprets a different aspect of the town's story and each can be viewed on this list and located on this map.

Applicants must submit a draft text for the proposed marker to the Historical Commission for review and can propose new markers at any point during the year. The Town of Mount Pleasant purchases and maintains the markers. For more information on the significance of Mount Pleasant's Historical Marker Program and how to apply, please refer to the Program Overview, available at the Town of Mount Pleasant website.

Article courtesy of the Town of Mount Pleasant Historical Commission
Image credit: Mount Pleasant Historical Commission


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