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The Dominican Republic is undoubtedly one of the most amazing travel destinations and is packed with tourists throughout the year. The country welcomes you with golden sand beaches and pristine aqua blue water. There are several activities that you can enjoy in the Caribbean from relaxing on the beach, hiking the most spectacular cliffs to experiencing the amazing marine life. The best place to enjoy and marvel at the exotic and breathtakingly beautiful marine life is at the Silver Bank. This lies in the Northside of the Dominican Republic and is submerged in the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The Silver Bank has been declared as the “Sanctuary of The Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic.” So, get ready to have an experience of a lifetime. 

Why Choose To Swim With Humpback Whales In Silver Bank?

Silver Bank is the best place to witness and experience the majestic humpback whales that migrate the Atlantic Ocean every year. Whale Watching is one of the most popular activities in the area and it surely is a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim next to these majestic and beautiful creatures. The thrill and experience of swimming with the whales are unprecedented. You can enjoy this experience in between the months of January and April. There are several activities that you can enjoy with the Silver Bank Whales.

1) Snorkel With The Whales: This will surely be the highlight of your entire trip when you are close to the humpback whales. The warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean are like a playground for these whales. You can enjoy swimming and relax in their natural habitat. You can witness a group of mother whales with their calves flapping, belting out ecstatic whale sounds and enjoying courtship dances. There are several amazing and experienced operators providing exceptional service to the tourists. When swimming with the whales do not show much movement just float, observe and enjoy. The most important point to remember is to trust your operator and also have faith that you are welcomed into the natural habitat of the whales. And obviously, you do not want to disturb someone by barging into their home

2) Enjoy The Sightseeing Without Any Chaos: People visiting the silver bank to enjoy whale watching are very lucky few. This means that you can have a stellar experience by being so close to nature. Due to selective travelling, there are no long boat queues or small casual boats floating around in the area. Only authorized boat services can be allowed in the Silver Bank area that is approved by the Dominican Republic Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. This is done to ensure that the sanctity of the place is not disturbed and the whales are safe and comfortable in their natural habitat.

3) Learn About Whales: The operators make it a point to not only provide you with the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience but also to help you learn more about whales, their environment and how can you protect them by making small conscious choices. The educational programs include presentations, group discussions and pointers on how to make the environment safer for the whales. As you will be surrounded by humpback whales every day till you are in Silver Bank. The learning will surely be an eye-opener and will make you more conscious of your surroundings.

4) A Well Organized Sanctuary: The Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic, is well managed and has consciously made efforts to keep the Silver Bank area as pristine as possible without much hindrances from the outside world. The Sanctuary limits the number of visitors and boats operating in the area. The rules and regulations are stringent and are designed to keep the safety of the visitors as well as of these beautiful creatures.

5) Feel The Indispensable Energy: One of the major reasons tourists love to visit Silver Bank time and again and are ready to book six months prior is the fact that swimming with these whales can be a life-changing experience. When you feel welcomed into the home of these stunning creatures there is a sense of gratitude that fills your heart. This feeling is not only for the whales that have welcomed you into their homes but also for mother nature. The vibe all around the place is calm and positive, you can see a mother whale nursing their calves or some ruffing around between some male whales or the breathtaking sound of a humpback whale singing in its full capacity. It is nothing less than magic that when a creature almost 10 times bigger than your size interacts with you without any external forces and stare deep into your eyes leaving you in bewildered. There are many visitors who find this whole experience spiritual and enlightening.

Swimming with humpback whales can be a life-altering experience. It will make you question the importance of life and the meaning it. The Silver Bank is one of the most organized and well-managed whale spotting and swimming destinations in the world and it welcomes around 600 visitors every season.

Points To Remember:

1)  Before entering into the waters it is very important to understand that you should not be aggressive during your interaction and should be very calm in your approach.

2) You are only allowed to snorkel or float but you should not do Scuba. As you need to keep in mind that whales are big, wild creatures and there is no way you can predict their behavior at any given point in time.

3) The most important to remember is that “You do not approach the whale”. You are entering into their homes and it is the choice of the whales to make you feel welcome and to what extent, so you should always be aware of your actions when you are snorkeling or swimming with the whales.

4) Choose your tour operators after thorough research, half of your battles are won when you choose a trustworthy operator that can help you not only have the best experience but is also well versed in the behaviors and patterns of whales.

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