Summerville, a fast-growing Lowcountry jewel whose center is in southeastern Dorchester County, extends northeast into Berkeley and Charleston counties. Charleston residents, who were seeking refuge from the heat, mosquitoes and disease, first inhabited Summerville in the late 1700’s. The town’s official website explains that “Since the early 1900's tourists have flocked to the town during early spring to enjoy millions of spring blossoms, particularly azaleas, in private and public gardens, including the mid-town Azalea Park.”

Today, Summerville is experiencing explosive growth. In the 1970’s, the town’s population was approximately 3000. With the many communities being built out throughout the town, it is expected that the town’s population will exceed 50,000 residents by 2020. Many credit its widespread appeal to its affordability, its proximity to so much of the Lowcountry region, its solid school system, its diverse retail offerings and the rapid job opportunities stemming from the booming growth of industry near its borders on all sides.

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