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These days we rely on technology for almost everything, from ordering food, to investing, to dating; everything except nightlife. Bar-goers have no way of knowing where the best bars are, which are busy, or what the crowd is like. 

Introducing BarGlance, the one-stop shop for going out, BarGlance is a nightlife platform that shows bar-goers what’s going on around Charleston, in real-time! 

The app, which is currently available on iOS and Android, uses GPS to populate a list of bars near users. Wide-angle cameras show live feeds from inside the bar, giving users a real-time “glance” of the scene. 

BarGlance is on a mission to build a central platform for bars and nightlife activity. Since launching in 2019, the Charleston-based startup has expanded to over 50 bar partnerships across three states, two distributor partnerships, and 7,000 users. 

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