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The Name

In Scottish Gaelic, the word for “pure” is “fior ghlan.” I’ve been told that “fior” also translates to “true and clean.” And Fior Scotch is as pure as it comes. You won’t find any artificial flavors or colors here.

We stick to the time honored ways of Scottish distilling for a product rooted in tradition. Our Scotch is so pure, we had to pick the only name that fit.


The Label

The Fior label is inspired by the flag of Scotland and the lion emblem pays homage to the Lion Rampant, a heraldic symbol which has become associated with Scottish nobility.

You can also find the Lion Rampant on the Royal Banner of Scotland.


The Blend

Fior is a super-premium, hand crafted blend of Highland and Speyside Scotches. The color is a deep, rich maple and the nose is inviting with rich vanilla and just a hint of campfire smoke.

The rounded palate is complete with notes of oak, chocolate, and soft spices while a luxuriously smooth, long finish balances comforting malt tones with warm salted almonds for a taste that lures you back for more.

Each bottle boasts a high malt/grain content of 40%. Fior is produced and bottled in small batches in Scotland. Each batch is expertly blended by David Hallgarten who selects the finest casks of scotch whisky, for their unique qualities and character.


The Cause

With each bottle purchased, a donation is given to the Wounded Warrior Project. You can donate to their cause directly by following this link or click here to donate to other great veteran causes.

“To those that served before me, to those that served with me, and to those that serve now, I raise a glass to you. To all my devil dogs, gyrenes, jar heads, and leathernecks who had my six, OOH RAH.”


The Founder

“After having proudly served in the military for over 20 years, I can now enjoy my time in retirement, and that includes raising a glass of this spectacular Scotch. I started out as an amateur Scotch collector until, one day, I had finally amassed a collection of great Scotches. I started to decant the dregs of particularly good Scotches into what would become my “Infinity Bottle.” Eventually, the blend became so good that I didn’t want to change it.”

“When the Infinity Bottle started to run low, I realized that once it was gone, I would have to start all over. I contacted a long time friend who works in the liquor industry to see if he could help me. He was able to help me recreate the taste, aroma, and smoothness of that original infinity blend. It was spot on. After investing so much of myself into the creation of this Scotch, I am proud to be a part of this historic brand.”

- Founder, Eric Dominijanni Major USMC Retired


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215 East Bay Street, Charleston, Charleston County 29401, South Carolina

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