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The Hidden Culture of the Gullah People 

Come See & Feel the Gullah people:

An amazingly colorful history with so much beauty but most importantly:

It's a history this world has Never Ever Heard before now. The Gullah are a very spiritual people. A special group of Black African Americans descending from before the Atlantic Slave Trade still living here in the Sea Islands of Charleston, SC today.

How DEEP do you REALLY want to go?


All we offer is the Truth

True Historical & Biblical Secrets of this great and "Holy City" of Charleston, SC. What does Gullah mean? The “TRUE” meaning of GULLAH is revealed on this tour. No other tour company talks about slavery nor do they talk about the Black African American Experience “like we do.” We teach on the true culture of an ancient people that is hiding right in the front of your eyes. The history everyone wants to know about but nobody wants to talk about. Charleston is the BEGINNING of the African American EXPERIENCE & history. The term "African American" is the newest of the many different “NICKNAMES” given to this peculiar nation of black people brought from Africa to America by way of “Slave Ships”. This history has never been told before now, as the Gullah people say: "Look Yah, Do yu hav da Ears ta Hear or da Eyes ta See?" 

King Charles and his lord proprietors knew all about "The secrets of the Gullah" just as the queen of England knows it today. The Revolution and the Confederacy still keep this part of history hidden; this truth is still kept silent yet the City speaks volumes through its Symbolisms. It is of the highest in the Templar and Masonic Orders of Secrecy. Charleston holds many secrets. Secret societies, secret alleyways and most importantly Charleston is the World's Top Destination because of it’s Secret History. 

Tour Guide: Godfrey Jacob Jefferson Khill is the only Charleston Native Gullah Geechee Licensed Certified tour operator in the WORLD. Raised in the Gullah culture, knowing their ancient secrets and customs, Godfrey keeps the true history of the Gullah culture alive.

Prepare to have your minds blown! This tour will change your historical perspective forever! History you thought you knew challenged, and history you may have not known revealed! At first it may be hard to see but once you see, you will NEVER NOT SEE.

We operate out of a Black Mercedes Benz 2500 Sprinter for the ultimate experience in the finest of comfort. No other tour company offers audio & visuals on a large flat screen TV to give you an up close and personal experience as we journey through the history of the mysterious Gullah Geechee.   

The Holy Bible
Slave Auction Blocks
Rare and Original Moses Bulrush Basket
The Gullah’s famous Sweetgrass Roses & Customs 
The Aiken Rhett museum house with large slave quarters intact
Philip Simmons famous gates 
The Garden of Eden
Long staple cotton
Carolina Gold Rice & Rice Mill
The actual GATEWAY into the Holy City
Old Exchange Building & Provost Dungeon
Nations largest Auction Block of the 1700's
Slave Barr-a-Coons 
The Largest Slave Auction Block & Market in the Nation of the 1800’s
Slave Hanging tree, Denmark Vessey & Gullah Jack
Mother Emanuel Church (Charleston 9 shooting)

Charleston has many happy and fluffy tours giving an amazing perspective of the city's history. This tour is NOT that.

*No Refunds*


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