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Mahalo is an entirely new kind of spirited spirit! It contains 7% vodka water and has a much cleaner and sweeter taste than other seltzers on the market, which are made from sugar, corn syrup, and malt barley.

We use PREMIUM organic vodka, high alkaline water, and non-GMO ingredients, so you get a quicker buzz without all the fizz. Go ahead and drink up - with just 70 calories per serving, you won’t have to watch your figure; leave that up to someone else. Plus, Mahalo serves up 40% more alcohol than our competitors.



In 2016, I was finishing up my last deployment with the Marine Corps, and our final stop on the 13th M.E.U was Hawaii. My buddies and I were sitting on the beach enjoying our last few nights on the beautiful island and we decided to go for a swim. Separated from my friends by the waves, I soon realized that I was caught in an undertow that was dragging me out to sea. Normally I am a good swimmer, but I could tell this time I was drowning.

Out of nowhere, this beautiful soul who reminded me of a mermaid grabbed me by the arm and helped me swim to shore. She saved my life. As I coughed up water, I looked up to thank her, but before I could get the words out, she was gone. After joining back up with my friends, we decided to have a celebratory drink. We raised our glasses and I toasted ‘Mahalo’ (which means gratitude) to the mermaid who saved me. Fast-forward four years: I’m sitting on the beach in South Carolina with a group of friends, and the memory of that formative moment came rushing back. To honor that feeling of gratitude, we decided to create the Mahalo drink that you see here today. We hope you enjoy it! And if the woman who saved me is out there reading this, MAHALO!”