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Migraines? Facial Pain? Cluster Headaches?

New treatment options offer hope and relief.

Our goal at The Migraine Treatment Center is to provide our patients with safe and superior quality medical care and the best possible results. Now there are procedures available in a personalized treatment plan for each sufferer at the Migraine Treatment Center which provide temporary to long term relief from migraines, facial pain and cluster headaches in the majority of patients as well as a surgery option for more permanent relief. After your assessment, we will be pleased to assist you in changing your life!

Dr. Hochman’s migraine treatments offer options to migraineurs of which they have only dreamed. Utilizing his vast surgical knowledge as a Facial Cosmetic and Facial Reconstruction surgeon, he is able to provide a level of proficiency to obtain relief for people who have suffered all of their lives. 

Treating the Pain

Most treatment programs begin with medication drugs to halt the pain or ward off migraines before they start. For more long term relief, Dr. Hochman uses a nerve block in the nasal passages to block pain information being sent to the brain. If nerve blocks yield positive results, additional treatment options, such as Botox injections may be used.

Botox was approved by the FDA for chronic migraine treatment. Both of these procedures are short-term, lasting days to a few months. Another treatment available is cryotherapy. Freezing the nerves responsible for migraine pain is a precise art: too cold and you kill the nerve, not enough and you irritate the nerve and exacerbate pain. But get it just right and ahh… sweet relief. Dr. Hochman is the first doctor in South Carolina to offer the recently approved treatment method, in which under ultrasound guidance the specific culprit nerves are targeted. Ketamine infusions have been very successful with some patients to eliminate the pain with very low doses of this anesthesia which can last for months. In addition, ketamine can have a positive effect on depression, which often goes hand in hand with migraine. If nerve blocks and/or Botox are successful and it’s clear that pharmacologically decompressing muscles helps, a patient may be a candidate for surgical decompression at various trigger sites that can permanently weaken the muscles that provoke the pain. He has performed dozens of highly successful migraine surgeries, bringing greatly needed relief from reduced episode numbers or severity to eliminating them altogether to his patients.

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526 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Suite 202-A, Mount Pleasant, 29464

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