Charleston, SC Guide for International Students

Article by Lisa Roberts

As an international student, studying in the United States is one of the most interesting opportunities you’ll have in your lifetime. Not only do you get to experience one of the most quintessentially Western cultures on the planet; but you also get to spend time in one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the world. After all, America is a nation built by newcomers - so no matter where you’ll go, you’re bound to feel some of that welcome spirit in this day and age as well!

And when it comes to choosing where you’ll attend college or university as an international student - Charleston, SC is a great choice! We’ll tell you all about why below, so read on and enjoy!

South Carolina Charm

There are plenty of reasons why people are moving to South Carolina, and we’re not just talking about people who relocate to study here. There are people who could travel or move anywhere in the world from Jeddah, but they choose to come here and experience the local culture. And the renowned restaurants, amazing historical sites, and the tested cobblestone walkways of Charleston give more than enough reason for anyone to come and stay here. In fact, Charleston, SC has been known as one of the top leisure and travel cities in the contiguous United States. The Holy City has plenty of charm, welcoming locals, and interesting lifestyle options. But before you come to study here, you should learn all you can about what Charleston (and South Carolina in general) offer.

Studying in South Carolina

International students who choose South Carolina as their destination for the next couple of years will have access to all kinds of interesting and fun amenities. The locale itself is incredibly picturesque, with beautiful islands, gorgeous beaches, and wavy coastline landscapes. Most international students who come here decide to take this opportunity and visit some of the prettiest coastline cities - from Charleston itself to places like the Kiawah Island.

Many of the people who use moving companies like Four Winds SA to relocate to the US from all around the world pick South Carolina for its intrinsic historical value. And in this regard, international students are no different. Especially if they’re studying social sciences, such students have a lot to learn from simply living here; the please oozes authentic American history, and it’s one of the original thirteen colonies.

History Isn’t The Only Benefit

Obviously, the historical vestiges of the local cultural heritage are a great boon, but that’s not the only thing that Charleston and South Carolina can offer to international students. Apart from some truly classic Charleston dishes they can try, the other cultural aspects of this region are truly astounding. While contemporary American culture is more closely tied to urban metropolises and Paul Auster novels, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in classic historical America than living in a place like Charleston. Here, you can learn all about the southern arts and culture.


Naturally, when you’re choosing where you’ll study - the local amenities aren’t the only thing that draws you in. On top of that, you wan to make sure that you’re going to a place where the local culture and way of life are in tune with accepting foreigners and new people. And in that regard, a relocation to Charleston will absolutely not disappoint you! In fact, this city frequently finds itself on many lists of the friendliest American cities. To the locals here, it doesn’t matter if you’re moving to Charleston from abroad or from another part of the country; you will be accepted here either way.

So, once you arrive here and begin your studies, allow yourself to fully come to terms with the local way of life. And this won’t be difficult, as complete strangers will often offer to help you out; people from Charleston are just like that. Whether they’ll give you practical assistance, or just a smile or a friendly conversation that makes you feel more welcome, we’re sure you’ll appreciate it all.

Historical Haven

As you undoubtedly know, there are different reasons why people pick and choose where they’ll live. But Charleston is one of the rare places that’s equally attractive to locals, international students, and tourists from all over the world. Quite simply - this is a place that’s got something to offer to everyone.

And as the city that’s oldest in the entire state of South Carolina, there are no two ways about it: Charleston has some fascinating historical aspects. After all, this is one of the rare American cities that can proudly claim to be almost 350 years old! It’s no wonder that it’s the historical capital of the state and the region.

The Holy City

If you’re wondering why Charleston shares its nickname with the Vatican - we’re about to reveal the mystery! The name stems from the extensive religious freedoms that were a staple of this peninsula since the founding of the first colonies here. These days, locals utilize the name because of the basically countless church tops that dot the skyline of the city. In fact, the church steeples are such an important part of the local heritage, that they’re incorporated into the city’s urban planning! No building is allowed to be higher than the tallest steeples of churches, in order to preserve the historical skyline. And these used to have a practical effect as well - the captains of ships making their way to the local harbor used them for navigation.


As you can see, every single sentence you read about Charleston makes it more and more attractive for an international student that’s arriving here to seek higher education. So, what are you waiting for? Allow yourself to become embedded in the Charleston spirit, and you’ll be nothing but happier for it!