Folly Beach Rules & Tips for Parking


Parking on Folly beach can be a challenge, so make sure you follow the parking rules.

  • No parking on the roadway.
  • All 4 tires must be off the road. If white lines are painted, tires must be outside the white line.
  • Do not block any public or private driveways or park on any sidewalks and make sure you stay at least 15 feet away from any fire hydrant.
  • No parking in a crosswalk.
  • No stopping, standing, or parking in a roadway.
  • No diagonal parking unless posted. All parking must be parallel to the roadway.
  • No parking on dunes or revetments.
  • No parking against traffic. All vehicles must park with the flow of traffic.
  • No parking in handicapped spaces unless visible handicapped license tag or visible permit on vehicle.
  • No parking within 20 feet of an intersection.
  • No parking on yellow curbs or within areas marked by yellow street lines.

There is one wheelchair access ramp at 9th Street and W. Ashley Avenue.

If you're having trouble finding street parking, there are several pay-to-park lots, including the Charleston County Parks lot, where the Pier is located.

Before you leave, be sure to walk down to the north point of Folly Beach where you can see the Morris Island Lighthouse just south of the entrance of the Charleston Harbor. For more information on the current efforts to preserve this lighthouse, check out this video:


We want everyone to be able to enjoy their time at Folly Beach. In order for beachgoers to continue to enjoy a clean, safe beach environment, as well as to protect that environment and the wildlife, the City of Folly Beach asks you to please adhere to the following rules:

  • There is no possession or consumption of alcohol allowed on the beach.
  • No glass.
  • Folly Beach does not allow any plastic bags, balloons, or Styrofoam at any time.
  • Fireworks are also prohibited.
  • If you're headed out to enjoy the beach, please take your trash to the containers found at any of the many beach accesses. Don’t litter, help us keep our beaches clean.
  • If you are going to go surfing, please use a leash and do not surf in the swimming zones. Surfing is not allowed within 200 feet of the pier at any time. Remember, there are people fishing from the pier above.
  • The fragile sand dunes on Folly Beach are to be protected. As the sea oats and grass help in that protection, these plants are not to be bothered.
  • If you leave any personal items on the beach after dark, they are considered abandoned, and the city has the right to dispose of those items.
  • While swimming, remember that strong rip currents are common, so swim with caution.
  • Charleston County Parks and Recreation provides lifeguards at the West End County Park and from 2nd Street East to 3rd Street West beachfront from May through Labor Day.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10 am to 6 pm from May 1st to Sept. 30th. At all other times they must be on a leash and are prohibited on the pier at all times.
  • Sea Turtles are an endangered species, so do not interfere with them in any way.
  • No lights are allowed that illuminate the front beach between 10 pm and dawn from May 1st to October 31st as hatchling turtles are disorientated by artificial light.
  • Fill holes dug in sand before you leave the beach.
  • If you see any adult sea turtles or hatchings call 843-588-2433 to report your sighting.

These rules are here for your safety and the safety of others, so please take them seriously.