The Coolest Neighborhoods in Charleston, SC

Article by Lisa Roberts 

Safely nestled between the silky sands of Edisto Beach and wild woodlands of McClellanville lies Charleston County. Over 900 square miles dotted with colorful and exotic neighborhoods, picturesque streets, and vibrant communities represent a place everyone wants to live in. With that in mind, let us begin today's journey through the dreamlike sceneries of cobblestone walkways rich with history. The coolest neighborhoods in Charleston, SC await with its welcoming locals and laid-back lifestyle!


The reason why Park Circle is on the top of the list of the coolest neighborhoods in Charleston, SC is because it went through an extensive restoration. The area has transformed into a trendy community where you can enjoy Charleston's true nature and spirit. Its crown jewel is East Montague Avenue, where you can find some of the most amazing restaurants and wine bars. Furthermore, just a few minutes away lies a roundabout with a gorgeous park in its heart; you guessed it, that's how the neighborhood got its name!

To enjoy the charms of Park Circle to the full extent, visit its most famous breweries, have a taste of the local cuisine, play some golf, or bring your friends to see the Hunley Submarine and try to solve the puzzle of a mysterious ship that went missing in 1864, only to be found in 2000. Park Circle in Charleston is just full of amazing activities for anyone looking for some fun!


The Charleston peninsula hides many secrets waiting to be re-discovered by its new visitors. On its west side lies a stretch of two neighborhoods, Cannonborough and Elliotborough. The border between the two is almost nonexistent since they invisibly blend into each other. The community is vibrant and friendly, and it is a mix of families with children, college students, and young professionals looking for successful career opportunities. Furthermore, the entire area is hip, and you can find many unique restaurants and places to visit. Its offer is broad, and it has a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for a Vietnamese restaurant or a cozy local coffeehouse to chill.


When looking for the coolest neighborhoods in Charleston, SC, you'll have to pay special attention not to miss something. South of Hampton Park, there is a small, intimate neighborhood just three blocks wide. Rustic streets and mansions from the early 1900s paint a picture of a more historical Charleston. Even though some of them were converted to apartments, there are still plenty of single-family homes that make this neighborhood a truly unique place to live.

Best of all, due to the intimate atmosphere and small community, it will be easy to make friends in the neighborhood. Everyone is friendly and pleasant.


A beautiful West Ashley neighborhood worth looking into is Avondale. What makes it one of the most appealing areas in Charleston is the overall atmosphere. Weekends are packed with visitors eager to try local burgers, pizza, and refreshing cocktails. Additionally, Avondale is the perfect neighborhood for a Sunday brunch. Even if you don't settle there, you should add it to the list of your fun weekend activities.


This is the favorite neighborhood for students of Charleston College. It is close to the campus, and you may expect an abundance of young people strolling the streets every day. However, here you also can find some of the more affluent residents of the Holy City. The entire campus is comprised of old houses from the antebellum era. The scenery is made even more beautiful with the help of oaks covered in Spanish moss.

Another thing to expect in Harleston Village is that the members of the community live a fast-paced life. That makes perfect sense, considering the neighborhood is mostly populated with young adults. One of the main activities is cycling, and there are rent-a-bicycle stations all over the area. Considering its population, lifestyle, education, and location, it makes perfect sense to start over in this great place. Many professional movers specialize in local and long-distance moves to Charleston. Consequently, you won't have difficulties finding the right type of assistance.


This up-and-coming neighborhood beams with positive energy, and it is the main gathering area for yuppies. Being a predominantly residential neighborhood, it offers more exciting activities than it might seem. There is an array of sports events, festivals, and attractions worth seeing. On top of that, Brittlebank Park is one of the locals' most favorite places to hang out. Just a few minutes away to the north is Joseph P. Riley Jr. park with a minor league baseball stadium. If you choose to take a walk on the south side of the park, you will see a classy condominium project, a perfect place to find an apartment. Another reason why Westside is such a cool place to live is that its bars and restaurants are attractions on their own. Harold's Cabin and Luke's Craft Pizza are perfect examples of culinary hotspots worth visiting. If you are more into street food, Joe's hot dog stands are a must!


Key takeaways for the coolest neighborhoods in Charleston, SC

This list of the coolest neighborhoods in Charleston, SC is a good starting point when choosing a place to live. All of the areas have their own unique essence and charm. Whatever you choose, you won't make a mistake. However, have in mind that Charleston offers a plethora of fun and exciting activities. No matter what neighborhood you opt to live in, find time to visit the rest of the city and enjoy in all of its beauties! If you do happen to make the move to Charleston we would like to recommend our friends at Hidden Element as the premiere Charleston Pressure Washing company to make your home look like new.