The Complete Guide for Charleston Newcomers

Romance and history go hand in hand in Charleston, and you will love the combination. Although this beautiful county tells a story of old times around every corner, it doesn’t lack any of the modern comforts we are all so accustomed to. This text is dedicated to those who are new to this area and want to have the full experience when they visit it. Here’s the complete guide for Charleston Newcomers. 

Hotels for every type of tourist

Before you discover Charleston's distinct Southern charm, you’ll need to find a place to stay first. Here are a few of the many superb accommodations you can settle in. 

Francis Marion Hotel offers the grandeur of the 1920s

If walls could talk, Francis Marion Hotel would always be giving interviews. This renowned historic establishment has accommodated many famous people thanks to its great location and impeccable service and amenities. Should you choose to stay in it, Francis Marion Hotel will provide you with both traditional comforts and modern luxuries.

Wild Dunes Resort – A blend of sports and utter relaxation

This splendid resort is located on the Island of Palms, and within it, you can find excellent sports terrains as well as full-relaxation facilities. Its award-winning golf course awaits amateur golf players and the pros. Those that prefer tennis can hit a few at some of the many tennis courts. And when the sports are over, the guests can enjoy sparkling pools and a stunning beach.

Neighborhoods according to your lifestyle

The city of Charleston is growing and developing rapidly. This is not surprising since there’s very little one can say against it. Whatever may be your focus – business or pleasure-wise – this city will not disappoint you. Even though it is hard to choose the best neighborhood to relocate to, here are two suggestions most people will never want to move away from.

Ansonborough is calm, historical, and educational

A legend says there was once a brave captain Anson that won a piece of land in a game of cards. Then, this fine man went to sea and made lots of money, and when he came back, he crisscrossed this piece of land with streets and lots. Many years later, we have a lovely neighborhood that refuses to let go of the 1700s. Many homes in this area are from that period, keeping their grace after the restoration in the 1960s. The experts on relocation from City Movers say this area is very popular with families with students.  The reason for that is that Ansonborough is the home of two very prestigious education facilities, the College of Charleston and the Medical University of the South. All this makes this unusual area a very appealing place to live.

Downtown is where all the action is 

As is the case with other cities, Downtown Charleston is a busy area where all the “it” events take place. The lucky ones who live in this area are near all those fabulous restaurants, cool shops, and even cooler parties. The only downside to Downtown is the price of accommodation. There aren’t as many housing options as the high demand would have it, so naturally, the price increase is never-ending. But it’s worth it.

Choose your neighborhood

Given that each neighborhood of Charleston has its charms, all that remains is to choose one and organize your move. But here’s a piece of advice. If you intend to transfer from the Sunshine State, for example, it would be best to hire professionals to conduct the relocation from Florida to South Carolina.  Making an interstate move can be stressful, and hiring movers make it significantly easier

An activity guide for Charleston newcomers 

South Carolina Aquarium

Would you like to pet the Atlantic stingrays? In the South Carolina Aquarium’s Touch Tank, the visitors can do just that! They can also see a lot of very cool marine life specimens, such as jellyfish, loggerhead sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, sharks, and more. This is an awesome place to go with friends and family.

In South Carolina Aquarium, visitors can see many sea creatures, including jellyfish.


Take your family on a moped ride around Folly Beach

The closest beach to downtown Charleston is Folly Beach, where there are so many super exciting things to do. Besides the usual kayaking, surfing, sailing, and fishing, people can rent a Moped and explore the Folly Beach area that way. The more classic ones can rent a bike or take a good-old stroll around this beach-clad little settlement. Our advice is to start your day early if you intend to spend it at Folly Beach because there’s so much to see and do there.

Finally, some appreciation for selfie supporters – Selfie Addict Studio

When modern times meet art, you get a Selfie Addict Studio. In the little town of Summerville, a mere 30-minute drive from downtown Charleston, one can witness a truly unique art exhibition. This interesting gallery provides backgrounds for making some of the most fabulous pics an Instagram feed has ever seen. No true social media enthusiast should ever miss it.

Visiting the Selfie Addict Studios is one of the top things to do if you like putting your pics on social media, according to the activity guide for Charleston newcomers


Take a horse carriage around Charleston 

For around 50$ and an hour of your time, you can cruise the city of Charleston in a horse carriage. This ride will get you to discover a lot about this city’s rich history and observe the architecture of a time long gone. This activity may be a classic one, but sometimes a classic is just what one needs. 



What to eat and where to dine when in Charleston

For those wondering whether there are any decent places to eat in Charleston, the answer is YES! Not only will you find decent food in this area, but you are in for some of the most delicious meals of your life. One way to approach the food scene of Charleston is to take a food tour that will introduce you to a selection of some very fine bites. Otherwise, here are our two top choices.


  • Peninsula Grill—This place offers excellent Southern food one must try when in Charleston


  • The Establishment—An elegant seafood restaurant with big tables for a fancy dinner for the whole family and friends


After inspecting this guide for Charleston newcomers, one must admit that going there will be an unforgettable experience. Its Southern charm will seduce you, and its tales of history will steal your attention. You will end up being well-fed and thoroughly entertained and likely set on coming back or never leaving. And should you decide to stay, you will never regret it. 




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