All You Need to Know About Charleston Nightlife

Moving to The Holy City? Save your energy to enjoy vibrant Charleston nightlife

Charleston is considered to be one of the best places to live in the US. Undoubtedly, it’s in no small part due to its fabulous nightlife. Although the city itself offers countless opportunities, the moving process leading up to them can be challenging. It can take a lot of your time and energy – both of which you’ll need to immerse yourself in the Charleston lifestyle. Therefore, it’s a great idea to make moving as swift as possible. South Carolina experts you can find online are your best bet in this regard. With their help, you’ll transition to your new life filled with enthusiasm and ready to explore everything the city has to offer.

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“One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster”

Let your voice be heard – in the most fun way imaginable. Bangkok Lounge is the coolest little karaoke bar and one of the staples of Charleston nightlife. In this bar, every evening is a fiesta. Everything (and everyone) here screams “good times” from rock to pop, country, and hip hop. Sometimes, quite literally. And in the microphone. So, you don’t have to worry if you can’t sing. No one here will judge you, and they’ll reward your courage with thunderous applause and cheers. Every time – without exception! Also, for the most part, the entire bar will join you in a majestic singalong. Therefore, all it takes is a bit of courage to step on the stage and pick up the mic. After that, fun times, new friendships, and unforgettable moments are guaranteed.

Charleston is heaven for music lovers

Charleston’s music scene is colorful and lively – much like the nightlife itself. This is partly because South Carolina gifted the world with some of the best jazz musicians ever. Although icons like James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, and Eartha Kitt weren’t born Charlestonites, they sure made their mark on its soil. Their music echoes to this day, making Charleston’s nightlife memorable and fulfilling.

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 The other part of the vibrancy is because Charlestonites love good music and good times. Thanks to this, you’ll find a myriad of places offering both. However, with such diversity of choice, picking one can be next to impossible. So, here are some suggestions:


  • The Royal American - An excellent place to grab a few drinks (*cough, 32oz punch bowls, cough*), and a delicious bite, and feast your ears on the fantastic music;
  • Only twenty minutes from Downtown, you’ll find one of the most amazing music venues in town - The Charleston Pour House. This place is a stir of colors, hidden details, and great music. This alone keeps it fresh, whether you come here for the first or a hundredth time;
  • If you want a touch of class painted with jazz and funk sounds, there’s no better place than The Commodore. This vintage jazz club is a true gem on the Charleston nightlife scene, and we wholeheartedly recommend visiting it at least once.

Take the fun outside

 And not only outside – but on top of Charleston. With spring in full swing and warmer nights approaching, rooftop bars are (again) all the rage. No surprise there, really. Each of these bars offers a fantastic opportunity to experience Charleston nightlife from a different angle. You can dine under the stars, enjoy excellent cocktails, and dance the night away at some of these spots:


  • The Rooftop at Vendue is the most famous and classy of all Charleston’s rooftop bars. It boasts magnificent views of the harbor and French Quarter, along with great food and specialty cocktails;
  • Stars Rooftop Bar & Grill Room is the only place in Charleston with a full 360° view of the iconic Historic District. Improve the view with a glass of tap wine or one of the signature cocktails!
  • The Pavilion Bar is just the place for warm days and nights. An extensive wine list, eclectic cuisine, and a cascading pool make for an unforgettable experience - especially when combined with gorgeous sunsets or the star-speckled sky.

However, there’s one downside to every rooftop bar in Charleston. All of them are nightlife hotspots. Because of that, it’s nearly impossible to find a table if you arrive late. So, start the evening early if you want to experience the incredible atmosphere in full. Or make reservations. That works, too. 

Enjoy fear

Yes, you read that right. Charleston is gorgeous by day and breathtaking by night. But, like every city, it also has a darker, more mystical side. If you are among the daring souls who like to face fear rather than running from it, then Charleston Ghost Tours is the thrill you need. You’ll enjoy scary stories, ghastly dungeons, haunted jails. All the fun stuff that will make your skin crawl. There’s even a Haunted Pub Tour if you love your drinks spiked with a bit of chill. Although unusual and not for the faint of heart, this is undoubtedly one of the most unique and memorable ways to get to know The Holy City.

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Don’t hesitate to find your own Charleston nightlife experience

Charleston nightlife reflects the spirit of the city. It’s thrilling, alluring, and welcoming. Yet, there’s always more to discover, experience, and enjoy. So, don’t be afraid to go out there and explore different Charleston areas. With every passing day, you’ll grow to love and appreciate Charleston more. 



There are tons of ways to experience vibrant Charleston nightlife. Check out this guide to discover some of them.

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