'Deadly Ripples' A Captivating Suspense Novel

Charleston SC Resident & Author Penny Goetjen Sets Latest Murder Mystery In Charleston

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

Is there more to the investigative auto accident report than just a well-known best selling author meeting his demise on the Ravenel Bridge late at night? Did Charleston resident William Gray Moore simply fall asleep at the wheel prior to the tragedy? Additionally, could Moore's presumed death have ties to a discredited local attorney? aaaaaaaadeadlyripples2

In 'Deadly Ripples', national multi-award winning author and Charleston resident Penny Goetjen offers up another gripping murder mystery ripe with intrigue, one that will keep loyal and first time readers sparked with anticipation upon finishing each chapter.

Single with no children of his own, Moore's niece Kathryn is wondering why her beloved Uncle Gray left his house to her rather than her father, Moore's brother. Perhaps their shared interest in writing and her mother's disapproval of Gray, is reason enough.

Visiting Charleston for the first time to seemingly sell the house, Kathryn discovers there's more to her uncle's death than meets the eye. Why are local and state police being so evasive when it comes to questions surrounding the accident. Can the legal firm representing Gray, or a neighbor provide any answers.

Until Kathryn ascertains all she needs to know it appears she'll be spending more time than expected in Charleston. Will visions she's been experiencing following a near childhood drowning help her unravel all that's taking place since she's arrived in the Holy City. aaaaaaaadeadlyrip2

Seven books into a lauded career Penny Goetjen has proven she's a seasoned suspense writer, allowing readers just enough to whet their appetites without giving away the ending. If you love to immerse yourself in a good mystery novel, dip your perusal toe into the murky waters of 'Deadly Ripples'.

Set for release on September 17th. Mystery and suspense readers can pre-order Goetjen's latest book by visiting her website at https://pennygoetjen.com/