Capacity Crowd Enjoy Gov't Mule Jam Session at The Refinery

Current Line-up Bring 'Peace...Like a River Tour' to Locals and Diehard Followers From Far Away

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

In true 'jam band' fashion Gov't Mule rocked Charleston bringing their 'Peace...Like a River' tour to the Holy City on Sunday (Oct 1st). The legendary blues southern rock band fronted by noted vocalist and axe-man Warren Haynes wowed a near capacity crowd at The Refinery, offering up songs from their nearly 30 year career.

With more than two dozen live and recorded albums to their credit including a 1000 plus songs in their arsenal, Haynes and fellow original founding member and drummer Matt Abts gave fans exactly what they expected, a non-stop jam packed musical montage of songs that have made Gov't Mule one of the reigning kings of live concert performances. aaaaaaaahaynesshow4

Attendees, many who travelled from outside of Charleston basked in the glow of their favorite jam band. Diehard fans who have followed Gov't Mule since their 1995 self titled debut album sang and swayed to every number, never knowing what song was on tap. Gov't Mule provide carefree and improvisational concerts and according to Haynes there is no set or in this case no setlist agenda.

After opening with the explosive 'Hammer and Nails', Gov't Mule into full speed mode, with Haynes occasionally stopping to thank Mulers for their support, as well as giving a shout out to Charleston which has been pivotal in their career.  With the addition of bass player Kevin Scott and multi-talented musician Danny Louis (keyboards) Gov't Mule is easily one of the best jam bands in any genre of music and they proved it Sunday night. aaaaaaaahaynesalbum1 1

70 minutes into their jam session which concluded with 'Feel Like B.U.S.H.', the boys took a 15 minute pause before firing it up again offering up 2009's 'Railroad Boy' followed by 'Shake Our Way Out' from 'Peace...Like a River' which came out in mid June of this year. The album cut features Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. The second act included hard rocking and bluesy numbers from Temple of the Dogs (Hunger Strike), 'Dear Mr. Fantasy' from Traffic, and 'I Walk in Guided Splinters' by Dr. John. 

Mulers were sent off with a couple of numbers (circa 1974) from Little Feat, as Gov't Mule jammed on 'Dixie Chicken' and 'Skin it Back', before closing with 'Soul Shine' a 1993 song Haynes originally wrote for The Allman Brothers, and which has become a fan favorite with Mulers. Close to 20 numbers kept the crowd rockin' throughout and hungry for more. 

aaaaaaaarefineryUnder a comfortably warm and starry moonlit with Haynes and company on The Refinery amphitheater stage, their impromptu concert is one for the record books. Ideal conditions and an ideal setting made for an ideal concert experience.

Longtime Gov't Mule followers I spoke with came from as far away as Boston, Jacksonville, Ohio, North Carolina and Macon Georgia. Some are former followers of the Grateful Dead and continue to follow members of the Dead.  Others mentioned they have seen Gov't Mule more than 20 times and counting. Again I reiterate, Gov't Mule is one of the hardest working and most entertaining 'jam bands' in all of rock n' roll.