Carley Shimkus Offering Up Unique Recipes in 'Cooking with Friends'

Fox News Personality, Friends, & Family Put Their Spin on Fun & Colorful Cookbook

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

Aside from her immediate family and a host of co-workers, Fox News personality Carley Shimkus' favorite passion is eating. As a matter of fact she's a self-proclaimed 'foodie'. In her first ever book, the Fox & Friends First co-host offers up a fast and easy cookbook providing 60 plus fun and affordable every day recipes.

In 'Cooking with Friends : Eat, Drink, & Be Merry' Shimkus proves she has plenty of friends at the network. Over 30 noted Fox News personalities along with her parents contribute several of their favorite food & beverage delights embracing breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks, appetizers, desserts, drinks, and holiday edibles. aaaaaaaacookingwfriends

'Cooking with Friends' is not your typical Betty Crocker style cookbook, full of 50 ways to prepare ground beef. Rather Shimkus' book is a collection of preferred recipes from Fox personalities alongside short snippets of why they chose their particular favorites.

From cheap to family friendly, and from healthy to entertaining 'Cooking with Friends' puts an extraordinary spin on soups, salads, casseroles, and handhelds, in addition to everyday standards such as pancakes, scrambled eggs, tater tots, and sloppy Joe's. 'Cooking with Friends' is meant to enhance foods you've become accustom too your entire life and introduce foodies to a few unique entrees.

In her book Shimkus shows us how to whip up a hummus board, prepare a meat & cheese tray, or cook Diner Style Burgers. Pete Hegseth offers up Grandma's Pink Jello which he assures readers easily complements Thanksgiving stuffing. Martha MacCallum provides a quick and zesty Clam Dip, while Judge Jeanine puts her own twist on Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs.

Grandma Bett's Sunday Gravy is Todd Piro's addition to the cookbook, keeping in mind that Italian Gravy is an ample blend of sausage, and ground veal, beef, and pork. Served over your favorite pasta it's an after church delicacy when topped with a dollop of ricotta. Mangia!

Bret Baier asserts eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean giving up taste as is evident in his Gluten-Free Pizza recipe. On the other side of the spectrum Janice Dean's Grilled Donuts are a decadent dessert especially when topped with ice cream, syrup, and berries. Dr. Nicole Saphier assures readers that her Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna is not only welcome at the dinner table but a head start to eating healthier. aaaaaaaacookingwlasag1

Raised on her Puerto Rican mother's famous Rice & Beans, as well as her Polish-Lithuanian father's seafood dishes, Shimkus admits she acquired a unique love for food long before she could spell food. Traditional and cherished family recipes run the gamut in 'Cooking with Friends'.

Covering 230 pages Shimkus and friends tempt fellow food lovers with intriguing recipes and equally appetizing photos. 'Cooking with Friends : Eat, Drink, & Be Merry' is a colorful cookbook ripe with diner classics, cost effective international cuisine, and everyday staples from your friends at Fox News. Could make for an ideal Christmas gift for that friend or family member that enjoys cooking, baking, or hosting.

As much as Carley Shimkus enjoys consuming food, even on camera, in her cookbook she admits her new found love for cooking developed at the onset of the pandemic. Check it out. It's full of recipes you, your friends, or your family would be happy to serve for a regular Tuesday night dinner, weekend brunch, or a holiday get together. Don't miss Carley's NYE Toddy or Breakfast Cocktail. It's sure to add a bit of panache to any meal.

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