Charles Esten Rocks Windjammer Stage For Third Time

Actor,  Singer, &  Songwriter Along With 'Springsteen-esque' Band Delight Fans of All Ages on IOP

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

Many television viewers recognize actor Charles Esten from his couple of stints on 'Who's Line Is It Anyway', the ABC drama 'Nashville', and more currently from his three seasons on the popular Netflix series 'Outer Banks'. However, while Esten is a capable actor perhaps his first love is music. aaaaaaaaestenplaying

For almost the entire 21st century Esten has been writing and recording songs, most that are found on his website and available available on streaming services. And while many of his songs aren't recognizable to fans due to the fact traditional contemporary radio formats will not play them, Esten writes and or co-writes incredible country and pop numbers with awesome hooks that will stay in your head once you've heard them. 

Saturday (Aug 12th) Esten performed live for the third consecutive year at the historic Windjammer on the Isle of Palms before nearly 1000 appreciative fans. To best way to describe a Charles Esten concert is 'he's a little bit country, and a little bit rock n' roll'. Esten incorporates equal measures of R&B, blue-eyed soul, pop, country, and funk into his songs. Like many he's a product of what he grew up listening too.

57 years young and in great shape Esten knows how to play to a crowd. He has boundless energy is can sling an electric or acoustic guitar with the best of them. Often backed by a bunch of guys who used to play mostly Bruce Springsteen covers, Esten and his five member back up musicians know how to wail and entertain. And just to spice it up Esten and the boys will throw in a few classics from the Boss, Tom Petty, or the Rolling Stones. aaaaaaaabetcha

Taking a night off from their headlining 'Heat of the Summer' tour alternative stoner rock band 'Betcha' opened for Esten, and were met with thunderous applause. The four member band out of Nashville fronted by supercharged vocalist Charlie Greene, wowed the crowd with 'Something About You' and 'Trippin'! Betcha's debut album 'Placebo' featuring 'I Wish You Would' and 'Unaffected' drops August 25th. More at

If you have an opportunity to see Charles Esten in the future, on the road, or when he's performing in Nashville at either The Bluebird, the Ryman Auditorium, or during his regular gigs at the Grand Old Opry, than I strongly recommend you check him out. His shows are high energy and he engages the audience extremely well. Whether you catch him indoors or under 90 degree heat Esten leaves nothing on the stage and will give his fans every ounce of sweat pouring out of his body.

Having witnessed all three Windjammer shows, and developing a friendship with him and his wife Patty, I can truly attest he loves to entertain. Esten is a proficient actor, but singing and performing live is his true passion, as well as his true calling. He loves to feed off the crowd, and if time permits he will accommodate each and every selfie request before leaving the venue. aaaaaaaaestenloveaint

Too check out his music and order an advanced copy of his first ever album 'Love Ain't Pretty' including his most recent 2023 releases 'Down the Road', 'In a Bar Somewere', and 'One Good Move' visit his site at Not only will you discover his latest songs but several dozen ballads, up-tempo country, and rockin' roadhouse numbers like 'Hot One' and 'A Lotta Shouldn't Oughta'.