'At Loggerheads', All the Right Elements For a Captivating Read

 Charleston Resident Kristen Ness Offers Up Murder Mystery Wrapped Around Disappearing Sea Turtles In Debut Novel

Jeff Walker Entertainment Review

What do a run for the White House, a rare barrier island murder, and missing sea turtles have in common? In her debut novel 'At Loggerheads', Charleston SC resident Kristen Ness offers up a 345 page turner blending a unique life long love story wrapped around a series of whodunnits. aaaaaaaaloggerheads1

Brooke and Drew have known each other since they were kids growing up on Anders Isle, a remote barrier island off the South Carolina lowcountry coast. The two dated on occasion but charted different paths after high school. However, their lives are about to re-connect in a serious manner when a mutual friend Diane aka 'The Turtle Lady' is found dead floating in the water.

Brooke tasted life outside Anders Isle, graduating college with a degree in marine biology before meeting Caldwell, an aspiring Charlotte attorney and the son of a prominent North Carolina senator. The young couple were to be married but Brooke soon discovered she couldn't slip into the role of being a dutiful high powered lawyer's wife without having a career of her own, which eventually lead her back home and on a mission to protect sea turtles.

Drew on the other hand found it hard to leave Anders Isle, fulfilling one of his childhood dreams of becoming a detective with the local police department. With very little investigative work to be attended too in the small coastal community, Drew apparently spends the better part of his time chasing short term sexual relationships.

Who would murder a likeable 38 year old single woman who much like Brooke had a passion for rehabilitating sea turtles. Does Diane's death have ties to 12 missing loggerheads? Just how many secrets are being kept under wraps between the principle characters (politicians, ex-lovers, law enforcement) in 'At Loggerheads'? Could an overly intrusive local TV news reporter provide intel that might crack the case, and at what cost?

A clever first time writer, Ness provides several scenarios but keeps readers guessing throughout. Could Diane's killer be a local fisherman, the town outcast, a rogue cop, or someone even closer to either Brooke or Drew. 

'At Loggerheads' is a welcome summer read for those who enjoy mystery, a colorful and descriptive storyline, as well as slight brushes of heated romance. Ness has woven a delightful story that is not only picturesque, but incorporates a long overdue love story, the environment, politics, greed, and an intriguing murder mystery. All very nicely packaged. aaaaaaaaloggerheads4

If 'At Loggerheads' is Kristen Ness' attempt to become a seasoned author, she is well on her way to adding spice to insatiable readers. To learn more about this burgeoning lowcountry writer visit https://kristenness.com/