Fox News' Janice Dean Finds Sunshine Amid Dark Clouds

Noted TV Meteorologist Provides Platform For Those Seeking Healing In Her Latest Book 'I Am the Storm'

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Interview

With her bubbly personality and sunny disposition it's no small wonder Janice Dean became a weather forecaster. However, in her latest book 'I Am the Storm' the well respected Fox News meteorologist and New York Times bestselling author is quite comfortable being the catalyst for the tempest rather than the predictor. aaaaaaaastorm5

While her two prior books "Mostly Sunny: How I Learned to Keep Smiling Through the Rainiest Days" (2019) and 'Make Your Own Sunshine: Inspiring Stories of People Who Find Light in Dark Times' respectively reveal Dean's positive outlook on life and hope in everyday people, her latest publication turns the tables with Dean collecting journals from people who have taken on their own David vs Goliath battles and won, including her own.

"'Make Your Own Sunshine' came out in 2021 and soon thereafter people came up to me and said you should write about your experiences with Governor Cuomo and losing your in-laws during the nursing home debacle that unfolded during the COVID 19 outbreak. I thought about and said that might be a nice chapter in a book, but it's certainly not a whole book."

Although she didn't feel her own experience warranted that many pages, she soon discovered how to present the new book. "When I thought on it longer I realized there were others like me that needed to share similar stories, so I and my team reached out to people to see if they wanted to be a part of the book."

She says the overall subject matter in 'I Am the Storm' is overcoming adversity. "It's mainly a collection of stories about coming out of tragedy. The overall theme is coming through a storm and finding your sunshine. The stories will move you, some are heart breaking but they share a positive outlook." aaaaaaaastorm1

In over 225 pages Dean shares the accounts of several women, men, and groups that have stood up against persons in power, governing bodies, and big corporations all in the name of morality, justice, and accountability. Although 'I Am the Storm' is ripe with sadness and heartache, it's overall message is one of retribution, determination and hope.

Dean was familiar with several of the accounts chronicled in 'I Am the Storm', others admittedly she just wanted to share with her readers. "Some of the stories I was aware of. I knew the firefighter who was trying to get access to healthcare and fighting bureaucracy."

Although a good bit of 'I Am the Storm' deals with real people taking on personal battles, there are a few uplifting sports stories. "I have been fascinated by the 'Miracle on Ice' story for years. I had my assistant help find Mike Eruzione who scored the winning goal in the game against the Russians."

She adds, "Others like the trainer of Rich Strike (Eric Reed) who won the Kentucky Derby in 2022. I love his story of overcoming challenges" Rich Strike was an 80 to 1 shot to win the most coveted prize in horse racing. Both truly inspiring."

Due to the unique nature of each short story in her new book Dean admits many were harder to recount. "Without question some of the stories were tougher to write about because of how personal they were. I get moved very easily. But once I started this journey I felt I was on to something."

Unmistakably her own struggle with Governor Cuomo during the onset of COVID which lead to her in-laws untimely nursing home deaths was difficult to narrate. "For my husband and myself it was really hard to write about because we lived it. But hopefully my family's story and those detailed in the book will help people facing similar situations. The common thread in the book is the 'underdog story'."

'I Am the Storm' is not only appropriately titled for a strong willed woman who reports on weather, but it's an inspirational account of people like herself that have emerged victorious after taking on insurmountable odds.

Despite overwhelming odds, Dean and those chronicled in her book persevered, uncovering lies, deceptions, and misdeeds of people in authority. Whether in the workplace or under the guise of serving the public interest 'I Am the Storm' is an expose' on how power and control often rears its ugly head, but for those willing to take a stand against abuse and mistreatment there can be a collective calm after the storm.

A few of the stories made national news, such as the doctor abusing Olympic gymnasts and California Governor Newsome's pandemic hypocrisy. Other stories are much more private. Dean admits to being compelled and overwhelmed during the compilation process. "Looking back it was hard to write because of the subject matter. But these are stories that needed to be told, and I'm truly thankful to the people who were willing to share their experiences with me."

To see Dean on camera one would never expect she's a fighter. As a smart and beautiful woman in a male dominated industry she developed nerves of steel when she left her native Canada to work for one of the icons of American radio. "I got to New York in 2002 to work for Imus. I spent a year working for him. It was tough. I knew who he was but I didn't really know the man. Looking back I held my own. Frankly I'm not ashamed to admit it, Imus was a bully and I don't like bullies."

Dean's admiration for broadcasting began early. "As a young child I was fascinated by TV and radio. I was the kid that carried around a wooden spoon as a microphone interviewing people. There are pictures of me when I was younger with taped on headphones conducting interviews. There's even a cassette tape of me reciting the whole Alice in Wonderland story."

Although she's recognized as a respected TV weather forecaster Dean she admits she wasn't pursuing the field. "Not in the traditional way. I was working on radio in Ottawa and oftentimes we'd help out with local TV telethons. Oddly enough this sports guy said to me 'you're good on TV'. I met with the news director and began doing weather part time."

Whether it was radio or television Dean was certain about one thing. "I wasn't sure which way I would go but I knew I wanted to pursue that line of work." No doubt it's her compassion that drove her early on. "I really just love to listen and communicate with people, from all backgrounds."

Prior to her latest release Dean authored five children's books between 2013 - 2017 showcasing the weather talents of Freddy the Frogcaster. After years of being asked to recommend books for kids about weather she was felt lead to write the series. "Young kids are interested in all sorts of things and especially weather, because weather is exciting." aaaaaaaafreddy1

Dean has overcome several challenges in her life but always found the sunshine through the darkness. She credits her colleagues at Fox News where's she been since 2004 and her firefighter husband for providing strength and encouragement. "I have been blessed with a beautiful family and a great work environment that continue to love and support me along the way. I couldn't ask for anything else."

Can one man or one woman make a difference. Can a single voice be heard over a tumultuous crowd. 'I Am the Storm' is proof that grit, determination, and tenacity when weathering near impossible odds can bring about effective change. "That was my hope from the very start."

Janice Dean is doing her part to make certain those often silenced get heard. If you're looking for an edifying read, a book that will make you believe in miracles and renew your hope in humanity and everyday people than I recommend Dean's latest collection of David's slaying modern day Goliaths. 'I Am the Storm' is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as book stores nationwide.