Guitarist Robert Cray & His Band Thrill Charleston Audience

Veteran Blues Guitarist Performs Before Sell Out Crowd at Legendary Music Hall

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

It's only fitting the legendary Charleston Music Hall host the 2024 tour of the incredible, one of a kind blues guitar legend Robert Cray and his band. 70 years young, and 50 years after Cray began his journey, the blues man with 20 acclaimed albums to his credit thrilled a sell-out crowd Saturday (Feb 10th) night at the famed Charleston venue. aaaaaaaacray6

While the audience was decidedly made up of baby boomers and older, there were a decent number of under the age of 40 represented, no doubt those who appreciate the artistry of Cray's guitar, as well as the musicianship of his three piece combo which includes keyboardist exemplar Devon Weinberg (dude can wail on the ivories), and two time Grammy-winning bassist Richard Cousins. The banter between Cray and his mates added several comedic lines between numbers. 

With just under a 1000 seats available at the music hall, Cray's show felt more like a intimate, in your face performance at a small Chicago blues club, with Cray commanding the stage. Changing signature Fender guitars after each number, Cray and his band-mates sent out extended versions of his recordings, offering up over a dozen songs from his vast arsenal.

From 'Anything You Want' off his 2020 release 'That's What I Heard' to 'I Don't Care' and 'Hip Tight Onions' Cray embraced some of his music over the past decade, adding a cover version of the Mississippi Sheiks 'Sitting on Top of the World' which drew thunderous applause. 'I Shiver' took diehard fans back 30 years, with the blues shuffle 'Chicken in the Kitchen' (2009) perhaps one of the most clever songs addressing infidelity. 

Cray's second album 'Bad Influence' (1983) and the break out hit 'Phone Booth' co-written by Cousins is among his early favorites and a definite crowd pleaser near the shows end. Cray is surprisingly fit and in good spirits. Almost like clockwork he wrapped up every number with 'thank you so very much', adding he appreciated fans coming out on a Saturday night to see him perform live. Trust me, money well spent. aaaaaaaacrayshow1

Albert King, Freddie King, and the all time great B.B. King may have left us, but there is still a king of blues music among us, and his name is Robert Cray. He is a master at mixing funk, fusion, jazz, and gospel into a blend of modern and traditional blues, which at age 57 in 2011 Cray was one of the youngest ever to be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

It is early in 2024 and if you get an opportunity to see Robert Cray and his remarkable, extremely talented Robert Cray Band than I would recommend catching them as they crisscross the country. Fans I spoke with before and after his show came as far as Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia to catch Cray in Charleston. A double bonus, visiting the holy city and getting to witness an artist carrying the torch for the blues music. 

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