Inspirational Book 'Love, Mom' Ideally Timed For Mother's Day

Latest Offering From Fox News' Dr. Nicole Saphier Offers 16 Uplifting Short Stories Celebrating Motherhood

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

Just in time for Mother's Day, Fox News Channel contributor and best selling author Dr. Nicole Saphier offers up an inspirational new book celebrating the joys of motherhood. In 'Love, Mom' Saphier provides a collection of 16 poignant stories from fellow Fox News personalities, as well as everyday mothers who have risen above adversity to delight in their God given roles. aaaaaaaalovemom3

Broken down in five specific selections including resilience, faith, purpose, valor, and acceptance, 'Love, Mom' is a testament to strong women who find hope and experience perseverance even during the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Saphier's book covers a full spectrum of circumstances that seasoned moms and first time mothers face on a daily basis.

Postpartum, miscarriages, divorce, depression, blended families, and adoption are all referenced in 'Love, Mom'. While familiar names such as Ainsley Earhardt, Martha MacCallum, Janice Dean, Carley Shimkus, Kayleigh McEnany, and Sandra Smith share their touching short stories, it is perhaps the few non Fox News contributors that impart the most moving accounts of being an all in mother.

Despite surviving a triple threat of cancer and an unexpected divorce, Allison Deanda the mother of three young children reminded herself 'to them you're just mommy'. Diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome which means Deanda may face future cancers, she takes comfort in the day to day, allowing 'I'll be there for them, as much and as long as I can'. Easily one of the most emotional stories in 'Love, Mom'.

Chapter six profiling Emily Barron Smith through the eyes of her daughter Juliet Hardesty is equally compelling. Juliet recounts her mother being there during her bout with breast cancer, ultimately knitting a prayer shawl for her, which in turn evolved into Joy Shawls, a ministry Emily provides to comfort kids going off to college, newborn babies, and others facing troubling times. 92 years young Emily is living out God's promise to be a caregiver to everyone.

If you want countless stories pertaining to motherhood it's best to include Rachel Campos Duffy (mom to nine kids) and Jennifer Hegseth who with husband Pete created their own Brady Bunch adding one more (seven total) for extra measure. Both working moms rely heavily on their faith and spouses to find balance in the lives. They offer a tried and true principle, 'don't sweat the small stuff'.

Saphier's own story is one of never giving up. She didn't let a teenage pregnancy derail her goal of going to medical school, leaning on her parents, siblings, and extended family to overcome every obstacle that presented itself. Hers is more an account of God's grace, and how the good Lord prepared Saphier for her future husband, two more kids, a career as a radiologist, and a respected role with Fox News. Through it all Saphier learned to prioritize, and that God often will give you the desires of your heart, although it might be in a different direction. aaaaaaaalovemom5

'Love, Mom' is ripe with inspiring stories celebrating motherhood. The 221 page book opens with a quote from famed 19th century poet Robert Browning 'Motherhood: All love begins and ends there' and 'There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one' by renowned American author Jill Churchill. Simply put motherhood is wholly unique. The colorful pages in between come filled with words of wit, wisdom, and Biblical insight. 

Published by Harper Collins in partnership with Fox News Books, 'Love, Mom' provides inspiration for mothers of all ages, and is a great gift for new moms heading into their first Mother's Day. Available at your neighborhood bookstore, online outlets, or by visiting