Jason Aldean Fires Up Charleston Crowd

Weather Delay & Recent Song Controversy Don't Deter Country Music Superstar From Rockin' Credit One Stadium

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

Recent controversy aside due to his current hit single, fan favorite Jason Aldean apparently had no problem filling the Credit One Stadium Friday (Aug 4th) night, as followers of the country music superstar embrace Aldean's no holds barred approach to his music and defense of faith, family, and patriotism.

In the limelight for nearly two decades Aldean brought his Highway Desperado Tour to Charleston with the help of fellow Nashville hitmakers Mitchell Tenpenny and Corey Kent, as well as Dee Jay Silver who has the unique ability to blend all types of music from hip hop and rock, to house and country. aaaaaaaajasontour

A close friend, Silver has been touring with Aldean the better part of 10 years. After energizing the near sell out crowd Silver gave way to Kent, a rising country music talent who continued to set the tone for the next three hours offering up a few of his most recent tracks including 2022's 'Wild as Her'. The guitar driven Top 10 single has amassed over 300 million streams since its release.

Kent thanked the crowd for their support and said he was thrilled to be in Charleston with Aldean. He enthralled the crowd with his latest up-tempo single 'Something's Gonna Kill Me' from his new album '21' which hit in June of this year. With a smaller catalog to draw upon Kent threw in a recognizable cover, adding his band from Oklahoma were going to bring a bit of solidarity to South Carolina. His raw alternative country rock version of The Beatles 'Come Together' offered just that. Kent apparently knows how to play to the crowd.

With four studio albums and several EPs to his credit Mitchell Tenpenny followed Kent, given a bit more time to revisit his arsenal of radio friendly songs including a couple that made it to number two on the US Country Music Airplay charts. The tracks 'Drunk Me' from his 2018 debut release 'Telling All My Secrets' and his latest pop country single 'Truth About You' from 2021's 'This Is the Heavy' reminded followers who this 33 year old singer songwriter is.

Diehard Tenpenny fans have no doubt adopted the 'Alcohol You Later' as an anthem. The 2019 pop-country track resonates with the younger crowd and those going through a recent breakup, as the song deals with dialing up your ex after having one to many. It got a thunderous applause from the crowd with many concert goers singing in unison. Over 10 songs, from 'Good Place' to the controversial closing number 'Bitches' Tenpenny further primed the audience for the main country music entree, Mr. Jason Aldean.

A near 30 minute severe weather delay that dampened the stadium did not dampen the spirits of Aldean faithful. The country crooner with 27 number ones to his credit was met with hellacious approval, as hardcore fans support his relentless admiration for telling it like it is through his music. He thanked the crowd for hanging tight and promised to fire it up and he did. Facing time restraints Aldean went right into his show, packing a normally 90 minute set into 70 minutes. Fans were not disappointed.

A chart topping Music City superstar Aldean didn't shy away from the recent dark cloud cast upon him. Six or seven songs deep he was unapologetic for what he called the current 'shit storm' his recent number one created. Whet with anticipation the crowd knew what was coming as Aldean had everyone singing along to 'Try That in a Small Town'. aaaaaaaajasonaldean5

A fan near the stage offered up an American flag which Aldean proudly draped around him during the number, working the stage like the seasoned entertainer he is. Judging by the number of concert attendees sporting Jason Aldean tour t-shirts, patriotic attire, or tees declaring 'FU CMT', Aldean's base supports his freedom of speech.

Rock n' roll and country music over the years have pushed the boundaries, and society is better for it. From Loretta Lynn's 'Pill' to Garth Brooks' 'When the Thunder Rolls' there has always been something that stirs up a small few, making record labels cringe and radio programmers ponder. Charleston has long been a country (formerly country & western) music loving community and most fans of the genre here are patriotic and roll with the punches.

Aldean provided nearly 15 or more songs showcasing his softer ballads to kick ass country rock numbers, peppering his setlist with a few welcome covers that Aldean made his own including 'Amarillo Sky', 'Dirt Road Anthem', and 'My Kinda Party' which surprisingly appeared near the end of his show. However it did put an exclamation point on a kick ass salute to his faithful followers. Along the way he signed cowboy and cowgirl hats. One thing is certain, Aldean appreciates his loyal fans. aaaaaaaajasonaldean4

With an awesome light show and mesmerizing images being displayed as a backdrop Aldean thoroughly kept the crowd engulfed in his music and artistry. A child of the 80's and 90's, Aldean like others before him can't help but be influenced by the songs he grew up listening to and it reflects in his own music. He's a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll. Jason Aldean's concert rocks, and with Corey Kent and Mitchell Tenpenny in tow it's a country rock triple threat. See the 'Highway Desperado Tour' if you're able when it comes to your 'small town' or slightly bigger city.