Jesse Watters Talks To Traumatized People In 'Get It Together'

Noted Fox News Personality Unearths a Lot of Crazy Ideology in His Latest Book

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

Fresh off the success of his NY Times bestseller 'How I Saved the World', Fox News personality Jesse Waters returns with his latest release 'Get It Together : Troubling Tales of the Liberal Fringe' easily one of most bizarre books to come from anyone with the conservative cable outlet. While his debut offering was more autobiographical, 'Get It Together' dives deep into several so-called injustices and asinine practices in society, including various forms of inane activism.

With the title inspired by his mother, Watters chronicles through personal interviews the lengths everyday people will go to champion the cause or advocacy they are promoting. What Watters discovers is that those flying flags for particular causes often have two things in common. They are susceptible to leaders blowing the biggest horn (becoming followers), or in most cases the individuals were damaged during childhood (whether physically or emotionally), with others suffering from bad relationships. aaaaaaaaGet It Together hc c 53455.1702914815.1280.1280 47772

Seemingly nothing is off limits in Watters latest book, as he touches on white privilege, the Black Lives Matter movement, climate change, and the great political divide in America. While those are standard kitchen table discussions in many households, Watters ventures further into the 'bizarro world' talking to Hector a spiritual advisor who supports smoking toad venom to reach psychedelic euphoria. An extreme sport perhaps, but not for the faint at heart!

Oddly, although he doesn't share common ground with those profiled in the book, Watters discovered he liked the people he interviewed. Watters poses obvious questions to a gay (non transgender) drag queen 'what's the difference between gender and sexuality" and "Is queer a good word or a bad word". Find the answers on pages 73 and 74.

Watters talks with an educated African nationalist who believes the Jews are behind the KKK and the NAACP, subscribing to the fact that having a hand in both allows for eventually being on a winning side. A mind-blowing declaration in chapter 3.

Perhaps the most eccentric exchange in 'Get It Together' deals with a transgender woman who believes he or she self identifies as a wolf. It's howling! And then there's the eco-sexual influencer who doubles as an herbalist, nature guide, and sex educator who finds more pleasure seducing mother earth or as she admits "I actually don't like to think of Earth as mother... but as a lover."

The chapter on 'The No Boundaries Parent' will entertain traditional mom and dads who believe in shoes, school, doctor visits, and set bedtimes, as well as separate beds for their kids. Free thinking parents who treat toddlers like adults. Talk about stimulating revelations, you can't make this stuff up.

In 22 chapters covering 296 pages Watters tackles woke-ism, activism, and a whole lot of crazy, summarizing radical views stem mostly from individual trauma or simply by being ill-informed. 'Get It Together: Troubling Tales from the Liberal Fringe' is ripe with Watters brand of snarky humor. If you're a fan of Jesse Watters or are open to different ideologies than I recommend Watters' latest book.