Jimmy Failla's 'Cancel Culture Dictionary' Addresses Social Absurdities

Fox News Host Is Not Afraid to Take on the Hollywood Elite, DC, & Corporate America

Jeff Walker, Book Review

In a bygone era the phrase 'sticks & stones can hurt my bones, but your words can never hurt me' was an acceptable retort. However in the 'bizzaro world' (nod to Seinfeld) we live in today, where everyone is walking on eggshells, almost every thing we say, do, and practice is offensive to ultra-left and politically correct police.

In his latest book 'Cancel Culture Dictionary : An A to Z Guide to Winning the War on Fun', Fox News TV and radio host Jimmy Failla asserts formerly socially acceptable behavior is now deemed intolerable if liberal celebrities or one whacked out individual on social media deems it to be, thus erupting a cancel culture backlash. aaaaaaaacancel1

A touring stand up comic and former NYC cab driver Failla is no doubt more in touch with the world around us than the Hollywood elite or the Washington DC brain trust (oxymoron). In 'Cancel Culture Dictionary' (not a dictionary by Webster's definition) Failla hopes to educates the masses on the absurdity happening around us.

In 26 chapters appropriately addressing issues from 'A to Z', Fox News' comedic stepchild covers everything from 'Award Shows' to 'Zoo Keepers'. Chapter headings may seem strange but through the eyes of Failla nothing is off limits, because the cancel culture mob canvas Facebook, Instagram, 24 hour cable news outlets, and X (formerly Twitter, like we don't know by now) looking for the next person, group, or company they can take down.

According to Failla it only takes a tweet and a 1000 re-tweets to have stuffed shirts at CMT to pull a Jason Aldean music video. Failla calls out the hypocrisy from actors who opine about inequality, while wearing designer gowns that cost more than their followers make in a year. He further laments on the estranged marriage between 'Holly-woke', the censorship executives, and the whole DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) notion.

Two particular 'Tinseltown' blunders Failla tackles are the cancellations of Roseanne Barr (Chapter R) and Tim Allen (Chapter T). While both legendary comic actors rose to fame in the late 1980's and 1990's making TV networks extremely rich, it was a misguided tweet (Barr) and Allen's staunch conservative stance in 'Last Man Standing' that did them in.

Although Barr's revamped 2018 'Roseanne' show became a instant cash cow, her remarks on social media weeks later were considered racist, and despite issuing an apology, the network fired her quicker than Biden falls walking up the steps to Air Force One. In Allen's case his right-wing, patriotic views were too much for free-thinking Hollywood, even though 'Last Man Standing' was a ratings winner. The suits much like the cancel culture jury are quick to render verdicts. Guilty as charged!

Each chapter in Failla's 215 page PC chronicle dives deeper into the cancel culture cesspool, with Failla waxing poetic on F-U aka 'freedom of speech' and 'universities'. Failla declares that in a bygone era liberalism was about defending open expression, however in the 21st century it's only if you agree with the left wing narrative. If not, you're gone quicker than Hunter Biden's pants at a strip club.

While bitches Joan Rivers and Mr. Blackwell may have opposed his best dressed man at Fox claim, Failla's wardrobe and his book on cancel culture speaks volumes on the preposterousness coming from Hollywood, advertisers, and corporate America. Failla remembers when comedy brought both sides together, kind of like when Saturday Night Live was funny. Sadly both have bit the dust.

Gone are the days of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Redd Foxx, a young Eddie Murphy. Nowadays stand up comedians have to be careful what they say and how they react to the audience.

Just about every 'ism' is covered in 'Cancel Culture Dictionary', including racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, capitalism, pessimism, and cynicism. Failla agrees there are subject matters that are off limits and people with lesser brain cells than Biden understand that. But enough is enough!

Siding with your Harvard professor that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to democracy just to get and A, doesn't exactly prepare you for the real world. Failla further adds DC lifers such as Bernie Sanders preach income equality while raking in millions spewing their political rhetoric. Oh the ridicule!

His chapter on X subtitled XXX has less to do with the porn industry as it does with former workers in the field being ostracized for trying to turn their lives around, ultimately being asked to leave more traditional jobs. The irony here is a former POTUS was getting a little on the side in the Oval Office, yet he wasn't asked to vacate the White House.

Failla is irreverent, amusingly sarcastic, and a master of zingers. He's lived three lifetimes watching all that took place in the back of his taxi cab over the years, driving hookers, drunks, and corporate types (often together) around New York City. He's entertained people from the underworld and whackos who believe they are from out of this world during 12 hour shifts driving around Manhattan. All that and his comedy routine prepared him to write this book.

Failla has picked out 26 plus topics that have outraged clear thinking people on both sides of the aisle. Truth is, he could have offered up a 1000 more because cancel culture knows no boundaries.

Failla takes potshots at the most annoying topics making our skin crawl today, including 'Influencers'. Once relegated to the Kardashian clan, now everyday folks are making 'mad money' sharing inane videos wearing the latest fashion and using the newest products. Of course that didn't work when a then unknown Dylan Mulvaney brought down Bud Light sales faster than Hillary Clinton deleted 30K emails.

'Cancel Culture Dictionary : An A to Z Guide to Winning the War on Fun' deals with the ever evolving politically correct battleground through the eyes of Jimmy Failla. Currently a NY Times Best Seller, inside the jacket cover Failla says his diatribe is not a call to arms, rather it's a road map that will hopefully lead readers to the fun park. He's suggesting we 'chill out' and not take life so seriously.

No need to fasten your seatbelts, however you might want to grab an adult beverage while Failla drives you through 26 of the most absurd cancel culture neighborhoods in America. I didn't even touch on chapter P aka the liberals obsession with President Trump. A full nine pages dedicated to the 'the Donald'. Page 122 with Failla drawing parallels between Dean Martin Roasts and Trump Campaign Infomercials is a Mastercard moment 'Absolutely Priceless'.

If you're a fan of Jimmy Failla and his flippant wit and wisdom than his 'Cancel Culture Dictionary' addressing his un-orthodox glossary of socially unacceptable practices will be right in your wheelhouse. If you think we've gone to far in society, embrace a good chuckle, or enjoy books that make you go 'duh', than I recommend Failla's book.

Available through most online booksellers, your local bookstore, and the Fox News shop at https://shop.foxnews.com/products/cancel-culture-dictionary-by-jimmy-failla