John Fogerty & George Thorogood Rock Credit One Stadium

Veterans Rockers Along With Psychedelic Garage Band Hearty Har Entertain 4000 Plus Fans on Daniel Island

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

With over 100 years combined of classic rock radio staples, John Fogerty and George Thorogood brought their respective 2024 tours to Credit One Stadium on Tuesday (June 4th). 4000 plus fans comprised mostly of baby boomers and diehard musicians welcomed the legendary architect of Creedence Clearwater Revival and the renowned blues rocker. aaaaaaaafogerty5 1

With psychedelic garage band Hearty Har featuring Fogerty's sons Shane and Tyler opening the show, the evening under clear skies turned into three hours of incredible music, highlighting two of the hardest touring acts in rock n' roll, and showcasing one of the brightest up and coming bands out of southern California.

Formed more than a decade ago, the songs of Hearty Har may not be as recognizable as their two touring partners, however the six member band are known for their raucous live performances, and their show on Daniel Island may have added thousands of followers to their camp. Given a little more than 30 minutes Hearty Har offered up several cuts from their 2021 album 'Radio Astro', including 'Radio Man '56' and 'Boogie Man'.

One of their latest online releases 'Children of Tomorrow' prove Shane and Tyler have been influenced by pop, rock, funk, and soul music from their father's generation. The brothers and their band mates prove there is hope for live music. I urge classic rock lovers to check out Hearty Har.

The stage was set for Mr. Thorogood who is celebrating 50 years on the road on his 'Bad All Over the World' tour. Although he has five decades behind him, George's recognizable hits are not as extensive as Fogerty's. But make no mistake, Thorogood got the crowd pumped opening with 'Rock Party', proving at 74 he's still brings life to the party. Since covering early rock pioneer Bo Diddley's 'Who Do You Love' in 1978 it's continues to be a part of Thorogood's repertoire and a fan favorite.

He kept going full throttle with 'Shot Gun' and 'Night Time' which were a great lead in to 'I Drink Alone'. However, judging by crowd reaction to the rock radio staple, George was not drinking alone. An explosive five song finale including four of his most notable songs ensued. 'House Rent Blues' meshed together with perhaps the ultimate live performance drinking song 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer'. Seven songs deep and Thorogood was on fire and jamming to the finish.

'Gear Jammer' further proved he in one of the best rockin' blues guitarists still wielding an axe. Allowing he has a comical side he threw in 'Get a Haircut, Get a Job' before winding down his one hour set with arguably his biggest hit 'Bad To the Bone'. Thorogood has played Charleston on several occasions, most recently at the historic Music Hall. Despite being allowed just under 60 minutes, given the larger stage and larger outdoor venue, Thorogood delivered everything his diehard fans expected.

It was nine o'clock and it was time to rock. A taped video interview recapping Fogerty's nearly six decade career, including his appreciation for regaining control of his CCR song catalog last year provided the audience with a prelude to the main attraction. Although the celestial night time ball wasn't visible in the sky, Fogerty and his backup band (members of Hearty Har) filled Credit One with 'Bad Moon Rising'. From that moment on, it was a non-stop hit parade featuring easily one of the greatest song catalogs in rock n' roll history.

With the video backdrop providing additional visual imagery, Fogerty ripped through 90 minutes of songs from CCR and his solo work, adding a few surprises along the musical journey. 'Up Around the Bend', 'Green River', and 'Born On the Bayou' kept many audience members on their feet and singing every familiar chorus. Fogerty noted this is the first time he's played Charleston and he appreciated fans support over the years. He embraced the crowd, providing back stories to every song he offered up.

As an added bonus, Thorogood returned to the stage as the two music icons shouted out G-L-O-R-I-A. The original track by Van Morrison and his band Them was first released back in 1964 and has become an standard cover for many artists. Giving CCR faithful what they came for Fogerty followed with 'Who'll Stop the Rain' and 'Lookin' Out My Back Door'.

Diehard Fogerty fans know the CCR front-man had a solid solo career which was evident with the inclusion of 'Rock and Roll Girls' and 'Centerfield', both off the latter's self-titled track from 1985. Midway through his set he would offer up a moving salute to Julie, his wife of 33 years on 'Joy of My Life'. The accompanying video allowed for a timeline to their life together as well as personal photos from the couple's wedding.

79 years young Fogerty worked the stage like a seasoned performer adding there was life before CCR. He then provided background narrative for 'Fight Fire' an unfamiliar 1964 song from The Golliwogs, one of his early bands featuring fellow CCR members. Fogerty added among the few songs The Golliwogs released 'Fight Fire' was among his all time favorites.

Although 'Midnight Special' dates back nearly a century and has been covered by a plethora of artists from several genres, the CCR version remains a Creedence staple and an explosive live guitar experience. Fogerty managed to squeeze in 'Keep On Chooglin' between another chart topping single, adding the next number came with a rainbow, before diving into 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain'.

Well into the seventh inning stretch Fogerty followed 'Centerfield' with 'Down On the Corner' and another solo hit 'The Old Man Down the Road'. Both well received from concert goers. Fogerty's down home hospitality combined with overall great musicianship from his sons and Hearty Har members had the crowd anticipating each song.

'Fortunate Son' was a nice exit before a thunderous applause brought an epic encore featuring 'Travellin Band' which Fogerty said he was glad to a part of in 2024, closing out his show with 'Proud Mary'. While the latter gained added attention in 1971 from Ike and Tina Turner, CCR's 1969 original reached number two on the Billboard charts, with the Turner's cover stopping at number four.

With a Charleston SC concert finally in the books, Fogerty thanked fans for coming out and welcoming him to our beautiful city. Although it was a Tuesday night, contented fans got to exit the stadium listening to taped track of 'Almost Saturday Night' from Fogerty's self-titled 1975 release.

Perhaps the Rolling Stones are the standard bearers, and legendary rockers are drinking from the fountain of youth. If that is the case hopefully John Fogerty will grace the holy city again before he sails off into the sunset. My guess is he and George Thorogood have several more years rockin' the world. Both brought their A-game to Charleston. And Hearty Har as a result of being the opening act may have re-invented their musical career and reached a new audience in the process. Long live rock!