'A Common Bond: Trials of Romance' Explores Road Less Traveled to Intimacy

Mount Pleasant Resident Bob Fox Tests Relationship Building Among Gen Z Couple Dealing With Dark Pasts

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Review

Although technically his second book 'A Common Bond: Trials of Romance' by Bob Fox is however his first venture into purely fiction. The long time Mount Pleasant native offers up 373 pages surrounding the trials and tribulations regarding relationships for several classified as Generation Z (late 20's and early 30's). aaaaaaaacommonbond1

Not everyone young person in the dating pool dips their toe in the water the same way. Abigail and Cameron have a mutual attraction for one another, but any sexual intimacy between the two co-workers is overshadowed by their past. If the couple are to have a future together they must rid themselves of inner demons.

Cameron is a likeable fellow, a responsible and timely young suitor often using Shakespearean  prose to reassure Abigail he can be her knight in shining armor. Unlike his cousin and roommate Alex, Cameron has shied away from college aged one-night stands, opting to immerse himself in video games, work, and plutonic friendships. But does Cameron's chivalrous side come with uncontrolled bouts of irrationality.

Abagail has long dreamed about having a steady beau, nevertheless will her apprehensive point of view and reluctance for physical closeness drive Cameron away, leaving her sexually depraved with only her three cats, yoga, a book club, and her gal pal Ellie to connect with.

In the scientific world Cameron and Abagail abide in do they share a common bond, or will any shared bonds drive them apart before their relationship has time to flourish? Could Cameron be rubbing off on Alex, allowing for the fact there's more to life than casual hookups, especially since he's apparently found harmony with Christina an emerging YouTube fitness trainer, hoping to grow her online presence into a profitable business.

Do Abagail and Cameron have the staying power to go the distance? Developing intimate relationships is tough enough without carrying excess baggage into the equation. Does Abagail have the strength to let down her guard? Will Cameron become her modern day superman? Fox reveals just enough along the narrative journey to keep readers engaged yet uncertain if their connection will result in a climax. Very clever, and reason to read every chapter.

When the odds are stacked against you do you look to alternative methods to build the relationship. Will outside meditative and emotional disciplines from a third party help separate them from their respective pasts so they can live in the present.

While Bob Fox' debut fiction novel is seasoned with amorous comedy and pent up sexuality it arrives at its peak taking the romantic road less traveled. 'A Common Bond: Trials of Romance' will keep readers enthralled and might be a pleasant page turner by the pool or on the beach. 

Fox does a flawless task of thoroughly depicting the half dozen central characters in 'A Common Bond: Trials of Romance'. For those living in the lowcountry Fox further paints vivid images of greater Charleston using beaches, bridges, parks, restaurants, quaint seaside communities such as McClellanville and other familiar landmarks as everyday backdrops. Nicely done. For more on Bob Fox visit http://www.bobfoxtheendlesstrail.com/