'POTUS', A Hysterical Farce From Start to Finish

Footlight Players Open 92nd Season With An Awesome Laugh Out Loud Adult Themed Political Comedy

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

Under the direction of Kyle Barnette, the Footlight Players at Queen Street Playhouse open their 92nd season with a relentless laugh-filled madcap, as they offer up a regional premier presentation of Selina Fillinger's 'POTUS : Or Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive'. Since making its Broadway debut in April of 2022, Fillinger's play has become one of the most talked about politically charged adult comedies to emerge in quite some time.

POTUS aka 'Perfectly Offensive Theatre Using Salaciousness'. Think Saturday Night Live meets VEEP and you have the underlying theme of POTUS. What happens when a PR nightmare becomes a full blown political fiasco? Can seven crazed women each with their own agendas maintain their dignity and respect while defending the antics of America's Commander and Chief. Over the course of one day, they are about to find out! aaaaaaaapotus2

With the right psychotic ensemble cast POTUS is a non-stop romp from beginning to end. Barnette brings together seven skilled ladies, each ideally cast in their respective roles, providing theatre goers with 90 minutes of over the top jocularity. When all seven actors intentionally overact it's sheer madness and makes for absolute theatrical delight for the audience.

It's hard to single out any one actor because they are all sensational. However, kudos to Sam Andrews Smith for pouring herself into Harriet, the absurdly frenzied and equally organized White House Chief of Staff, and to Genese Gee Schmidtke for diving head on into the role of Chris, the overly ambitious, extra inquisitive, breast milk pumping White House reporter.

Praise as well to the set design team for assembling a stage reflecting the White House, and double kudos to the cast for easily moving props around to accompany upcoming scenes, with appropriate background music making transitions easier for the audience.

If you enjoy boisterous laughter and are not turned off by obscenity laced comedies than Footlight Players' adaptation of 'POTUS : Or Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive' is a must see. Early reviews and ticket sales have prompted the theatre group to add additional shows with performances running weekends thru Sept 9th. For more visit https://www.footlightplayers.net/potus