The Eagles Still Deliver 'A Peaceful Easy Feeling'

 Five Decades Down the Road, Iconic Band  Prove Songs Are Timeless & Age Hasn't Slowed Them Down

Jeff Walker Entertainment Review

Music historians are not definite on the precise date, but many agree the birth of rock n' roll began somewhere in the early 1950's. When big band, R&B, soul, gospel, and country music emerged the new sound was rock n' roll. 70 years and several genres later the art form that gave us Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard continues to thrive. aaaaaaaaeagles4

While the pioneers of rock n' roll are gone the second generation still has a heartbeat. Aside from the Rolling Stones and remnants of The Who, the Moody Blues, and several other 60's icons, very few have kept their original members intact. Six decades later the Rolling Stones have set the bar high, losing famed drummer Charlie Watts in 2021.

Although there are a host of bands around today, when it comes to American born groups only two rise to the top when it comes to maintaining consistency. The Eagles and Aerosmith reign supreme, however since they re-formed in 1994 on their iconic 'Hell Freezes Over' tour The Eagles have kept a nearly constant 30 year pace going. All that after pretty much dominating the 1970's, with founding members Don Henley and Glenn Frey keeping the dream alive with solo radio hits in the 1980's.

Without question The Eagles are one of America's most treasured bands, and even with the untimely death of Frey in 2016, The Eagles continue to fill arenas year after year, with a revolving door of well qualified musicians and vocalists filling Frey's shoes.

All that intro aside, The Eagles performed to a near sell out crowd at the Colonial Life Center bringing their 'Hotel California 2023 Tour' to Columbia SC on Thursday (March 30th) night. Covering 27 songs over three hours, The Eagles offered up a soundtrack to baby boomers lives, and with timeless songs they seemingly appealed to their kids and grandkids generations as well.

The band that pretty much solidified southern California rock wasted no time offering up their signature song. While most groups save their iconic hit as an encore, The Eagles ripped the classic rock band-aid off right from the start. 'Hotel California' has become the bands calling card, and thousands of fans from 16 to 76 were on their feet singing every single word, with very few returning to their seats, although Henley reminded fans there is a time to sit and a time to stand, so that people behind you might have an epic view of the stage, adding you'll know when it's time to stand! He no doubt added the quick blurb because many in the crowd are in the 70's. 

Anyone who has a copy of the iconic album released in December of 1976 and wore it out on their stereo turntable were familiar with the ensuing eight songs, because The Eagles 2023 tour salutes their biggest selling studio album by playing every track back to back, including chart topper 'New Kid In Town', 'Life In the Fast Lane', and 'Victim of Love'. 'Hotel California' was the first album to welcome Walsh as a member. To date it's sold over 32 million units worldwide including 26 million in America alone. aaaaaaaaeagles7

Backed by the Carolina Symphony Orchestra and the Gamecock Choir, The Eagles are pretty much proof you don't have to overkill to put on a great show. The Eagles don't revel in theatrics, although Henley added the reason tickets cost so much is because they (the band) spend quality money on audio and video equipment, so that everyone even in the nose bleed seats experiences a killer show. The visual portions displayed on the backdrop were at times haunting and mesmerizing. Simply said, The Eagles let the songs and their musicianship speak for itself.

Henley was the principal spokesperson, taking center stage after the 'Hotel California' portion of the night ended, reminding fans that back in the 70's LP's were typically 40 minutes long (20 per side). He added that after a quick intermission to change into their work clothes they were going to rock the house down, which drew a resounding applause. 

From that moment on ('Seven Bridges Road' to 'Best of My Love') it was a lovefest with songs even the less than diehard follower could recognize. It was akin to tuning to an all Eagles station on satellite radio. Hit after Eagles hit, featuring solo Top 40 numbers from Henley and Walsh including his time in the James Gang.

Although their most recent studio album 'Long Road Out of Eden' was released over 16 years (2007) ago, their complete 27 song setlist was comprised of hits from their seven consecutive multi-platinum releases beginning with their self-titled 1972 album through 'The Long Run' (1979). Putting it another way, their concert is equivalent to the live version of 'Hell Freezes Over' (1994) plus any additional Top 40 songs they may have overlooked.

Throw in three from Walsh 'Life's Been Good', 'Funk #49, and 'Rocky Mountain High' as well as Henley's 1984 Top 5 smash 'The Boys of Summer' and you have an unparalleled non-stop hit parade. Frey's solos were handled nicely by his son Deacon, and country music superstar and master musician Vince Gill, who got his own start in country rock with Pure Prairie League.

Timothy B. Schmit's vocal on 'I Can't Tell You Why' may not be as fluid as when he first cut the track it in 1978, but at 75 years young, he holds his own. Even Henley solicits help from a supporting percussion player, as he said to save him from cardiac arrest.

The final two thirds of the concert were a trip down Top 40 memory lane. Walsh provided the comedy portion of the night, reflecting on how he once spent three days in South Carolina one night. He's lived a colorful life and not ashamed to make light of it. The big screen blurred and psychedelic imagery during his solo hits were a nice complement to his classic rock staples.  Walsh further got a nice round of laughter recalling he was 20 something in the 70's, and is now 70 something in the 20's. Schmit got a nice zinger in as well remarking how Walsh makes the most unique facial expressions.

Their arsenal of songs are forever etched in pop music history. Whether or not they can hold every note, The Eagles have survived all that rock n' roll has thrown at them and continue to entertain audiences the world over. Theirs is a full rock n' roll production. Like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, or Elton John, you see The Eagles in concert for two reasons, their body of work, and because they are The 'freakin' Eagles.

For baby boomers a handful of LP vinyl records mark the mid 1970's including 'Rumours' by Fleetwood Mac, 'Frampton Comes Alive', 'Bat Out of Hell' by Meatloaf, 'The Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 1', and 'Hotel California'. Understandably, rock n' roll fans have a love affair with The Eagles. Five decades down the road it's easy to see why. Perhaps there will never be another band like The Eagles, but up and coming bands might take some notes if they want longevity.

Near the close Henley and his mates thanked those who have enjoyed the band's 51 year journey. If The Eagles are playing anywhere near your town I strongly encourage young and old fans to catch them while they are still out there touring. Don, Joe, and Timothy still have it, and adding Vince's soulful tenor voice and Deacon's youthfulness to the mix only enhances the show. For more visit their site at