The Zombies Wonderfully Invade Charleston SC

Iconic Band With Classic Songs Enthrall Diehard Fans At Music Hall

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

Carrying with them a handful of recognizable pop and rock classics, The Zombies thrilled a sizeable crowd Tuesday (April 2nd) night, bringing their 'Different Game' tour to the historic Charleston Music Hall. With founding members Rod Argent (keyboards, vocals) and Colin Blunstone (lead vocals) in tow the five member unit captivated audience members (several who travelled from out of town) for 90 minutes, taking the mostly baby boomer audience on a musical journey down memory lane. aaaaaaaathezombiesopen 3

Louisiana native and current Austin TX resident Wendy Colonna opened the show. Given 30 minutes the singer songwriter and guitarist set the tone for the evening. Recording albums and releasing songs for the better part of the 21st century Colonna is decidedly old school, with her fresh, smoky, and melodic voice revisiting a yesteryear sound, bridging a gap akin to Joan Baez and Alison Krauss. A modern day yet seasoned troubadour Colonna offered up songs such as 'Nothing Is Gonna Take My Love' and the spirited 'Hurricane'. 

While newer bands as well as some of the veteran rock n' roll acts still thrive on imagery (lights & pyrotechnics) to add to their shows, The Zombies let the songs and the musicianship take front and center, with just their familiar logo as a backdrop. Argent is renowned for his work on the organ and harpsichord, and his mastery of the keys was evident throughout the entire concert performance. He and Blunstone, both 78 years young appear to have aged well with Blunstone's voice holding up nicely for a lead singer known for his octave range. aaaaaaaazombiescolin

The Zombies did not disappoint offering up extended versions of their chart topping songs including 'Tell Her No', 'Time of the Season', and the show closer 'She's Not There'. Argent's Top 5 hit from 1971 'Hold Your Head Up' was easily one of the highlights during the show, allowing him to showcase the reason he was put on the planet, and that was to let his fingers dance along the keyboard. 'Summertime' and 'You Really Got a Hold on Me' were equally welcome, allowing concert goers to sing along to familiar lyrics. aaaaaaaathezombiesrod 1

Not content to live on their former laurels The Zombies delighted diehard fans with four numbers off their 2023 release 'Different Game' including the title track, as well as 'Merry Go-Round', and the animated number 'Dropped Reeling & Stupid'. While the new album prove the band has evolved, the songs embrace the overall tone The Zombies have committed to since popping on the entertainment scene circa 1964.

As the two founding members, Argent and Blunstone closed the show (solely on stage) with a moving and heartfelt rendition of their 1965 song 'The Way I Feel Inside' off their debut UK release 'Begin Here', renamed 'The Zombies' in America. After making their mark in the 1960's and early 70's, The Zombies aside from a few reunion gigs were idle for over 25 years, before finding new life 20 years ago which was further elevated in their recent performance at the SXSW music festival in Austin Texas. The band was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.

If you're a fan of the classics, enjoy great musicianship, and especially are a fan of organ and keyboards than I recommend taking in a performance by The Zombies. For more on their 2024 shows visit For more on Wendy Colonna visit her website at