10 Thoughts About the Edge of America


Folly Beach certainly has a personality of its own. Isn't that what we love about this beachside village? It's part funky. Part hip. Part quaint. Part artsy. All beach. And 100% fun. If you haven't visited lately, put it on your Must Do list! August through October is an especially good time to visit Folly. In the meantime, did you know...?

1. Union news ... During the Civil War, Folly was occupied by Union troops, beginning in 1863. After that war, the island was virtually abandoned.

2. Plenty of room to spread out ... When George Gershwin composed Porgy and Bess while visiting Folly in 1934, fewer than 10 families lived there year round.

3. The start of it all ... It wasn't until the 1940s that Folly Beach started to become Charleston's beach town as we know it. Though then, few could have guessed what it would become.

4. Rockin' in the Sixties ... The 1960s welcomed the construction of the Ocean Plaza with its amusement rides, boardwalk, shops and pier. Folly was forever changed.

5. Oh no! Hugo! ... However, Hurricane Hugo was not a friend to the Folly beaches or homes when it devastated the area in 1989.

6. Beached by Irene ... Folly Beach County Park sits on the westernmost tip of the city, where the Folly River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It was completely ravaged by Hurricane Irene in 2011, but has since been rebuilt.

7. It's happening now! ... Yet still today, what locals like to call "The Edge of America" is enjoying another hey day, complete with bustling streets, busy beaches and smiling faces.

8. Without peer! ... Folly Beach Fishing Pier is a breathtaking landmark stretching more than 1,000 feet into the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Fishing, walking, birding and relaxing on the Pier attract locals and visitors year round.

9. Who needs them anyway? ... For all the attention it gets, Folly Beach is still home to only one true hotel. Fortunately, its many visitors find other ways to stay in this sought-after spot.

10. Going up! ... With approximately 2,800 people living on Folly year round, the city has experienced almost a 40% increase in year-round population since 2000. FYI: it only needs another 80K residents to catch up to Mt. Pleasant!

Ready to surf? Feel like making sand castles? Do pub-crawls capture your fancy? Saltwater fishing your thing? You'll catch me sipping a cappuccino while walking on the beach. That's after grabbing something delicious at one of Folly's many eateries.

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