7 Holiday Swimsuits I Found on Amazon Today

When thinking of the holiday season, one often conjures up images of snow-covered rooftops and gently smoking chimneys, of horse-drawn sleighs and delighted children opening gifts, of snowball fights and winter bathing suits…. Wait, what?

You heard right, folks. Christmas-themed swimsuits exist. JUST IN CASE.

Okay, maybe you’re celebrating the holidays somewhere warm (like Charleston...or anywhere close to the equator) but these holiday bathing suits still made me chuckle and I hope you will too.

Here are some of the best holiday swimsuits I found on Amazon today.

1) This one is similar to the image of Christmas I had in my mind, but you know, on some board shorts.

holiday bathing suits 01

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2) With these, you can celebrate Santa’s off-season during the on-season with a picture of Santa in the off-season, but you’re...never mind, here’s the photo.

holiday bathing suits 02

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3) This one is great if you want to wear a Christmas sweater without that pesky warmth.

holiday bathing suits 03

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4) Hey, Santa likes to let loose too, you know. But not too much….just a dab’ll do.

holiday bathing suits 04

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5) Who doesn’t love a corgi in a sweater?

holiday bathing suits 09

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6) I’m not even gonna ask what this dog did to deserve having his photo printed on this one.

holiday bathing suits 06

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7) Last and least... Anyway, I'll just leave this here.

holiday bathing suits 07

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