Top 10 Things To Do On The Water In The Lowcountry

Happiness comes in all forms here in Greater Charleston, especially when you add H2O to the equation. And getting to partake in all 10 activities highlighted below equals a great Lowcountry summer! Set your sights high and prepare to get wet…naturally. (We’ll leave the pool activities for another day. And of course, Lowcountry fishing deserves its own Top 10!)

1. Swim…Alright; no excuses. Sunscreen, a towel, a buddy and a little common sense…that’s all you need.  Head to your favorite beach and perform your favorite stroke. Ours is Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island. And remember, there’s no better exercise!

2. Bodyboarding…Get yourself a decent body board complete with a super slick bottom and a leash and wristband and you’re all set. Find some decent size waves and you’ll have an afternoon of great fun. So will the kids! 

3. SUP…Hop up on a Stand Up Paddleboard and you’ll quickly understand what the hoopla is all about. Part surfing. Part kayaking. And 100% enjoyment.  If you don’t love it, it’s simply because you’ve yet to give it a try. 

4. Jet ski…If speed and power really rev your engine, then an afternoon spent on a jet ski promises to deliver. The new 2-seaters happen to capture my fancy. Just be respectful and share the water with those moving at a much more comfortable pace. 

5. Kayak…The Lowcountry was made for kayaking, a fact that especially resonates if speed is not all that drives you. Ocean kayaking. Estuary kayaking. Guided tours. Tandem kayaks…Buy. Rent. Borrow. Whatever it takes, get going. You’ll become a regular, I promise. And a simple reminder, nothing beats kayaking in Shem Creek.

6. Go boating…Sail or power. Big or little. Yours or theirs. Few times are more enjoyable than an afternoon spent on Charleston Harbor. You’ll be hard pressed to top that.

7. Water ski…Get ready to get pulled…by a boat, that is. Water skiing. Wakeboarding. Tubing. You don’t even have to choose. Many adventurers manage all three on a good, make that a great, weekend. Should we count you in?

8. Kiteboard…Flying isn’t limited to the newly expanded Charleston Airport. With a few lessons from the pros, some patience and a dose of confidence, you’ll soon join those soaring above Sullivan’s Island at any given time. It’s wet, wild and unlike anything you’ve ever done. That’s a given! 

9. Dive…If you are an experienced diver, Charleston and the Lowcountry promise to deliver. Join up with a local pro and expect a wonderful experience. Be sure it includes the Anchor Ledges, a network of limestone ledges, as well as the Charleston 60, a 240-foot barge sitting in 60 feet of water. 

10. Surf…If ‘Hanging 10’ is what gets you the biggest ‘High 5,’ you’ll be good here in Charleston. Although you’ll find surfers everywhere the waves ebb and flow locally, you’ll likely want to surf the Edge of America, which is how those in the know describe Folly Beach. Everything about the town says surfing. How can that be bad? 

Need equipment? Instruction? Encouragement? Charleston is home to many respected and affordable professional activity providers. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of that. Remember…safety first. Always.


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