Moving to Charleston? Connect with the Charleston Fitness Community & Find Your Third Space


Books are in boxes. Plates are wrapped. U-Haul reserved. It’s official - you are moving to Charleston, SC.

Welcome! Depending on who you ask, Charleston has between 30 to 70 people arriving every day to be a part of this lovely Lowcountry life. Whether you’re moving for the dream job or simply swooned over the Holy City, you are in good company.

As with any transition, finding your feet can feel as intimidating as it is exhilarating. As New York transplants ourselves, my husband, Trinity Wheeler, and I found the best way to meet new people and connect with the Charleston community was through fitness.

Full disclosure, we moved here as entrepreneurs launching Rhapsody CrossFit, the premier CrossFit gym in downtown Charleston committed to raising the bar on fitness by developing humble, hungry and happy members through our prime coaching, top-of-the-line facility and prioritized member care.

Needless to say, connecting with the local fitness community was a priority more than an option for us, but, after six months in town, I can tell you that finding your gym in Charleston is a significant step towards feeling at home.


Make New Friends

It is easiest to walk into a room of new faces and make genuine connections when you have something in common. Ratchet that up a notch if you are all gathered to tackle a good sweat session together – especially among the CrossFit crowd, there’s an unspoken solidarity and camaraderie just by showing up for the workout.

We may meet as strangers, but, after a few reps and high fives, we will leave as friends.




Get The Inside Scoop

Whether you’re hunting for a hairdresser or the hot spot for tacos, there is no better resource for referrals than Charleston locals. As many of us are transplants ourselves, we are more than happy to share our take on where to go and what to do, which can make all the difference in helping you navigate your new surroundings.




Find Your Third Space

At Rhapsody CrossFit, we like to think of our gym in Charleston as the “third space” for our members, or the sanctuary between work and home where you can figuratively and literally work it out.

Following a transition, finding your rhythm and routine will work wonders in helping you feel settled and stable – for me, fitness was the first place I looked for grounding following our move to Charleston.




Many CrossFit boxes here in town offer their “open house” sessions on Saturday, which is an excellent opportunity to drop in (often free for Charleston residents) and get a feel for the space and members.

For Rhapsody CrossFit, this is our Sweaty Saturday where all fitness levels are welcome (and encouraged!) regardless of prior CrossFit experience. Take a break from unpacking those boxes and throw some barbells around with us – who knows, you may even find your new Charleston family.