7 Reasons to Move to Charleston, SC This Year



Resting on the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean is Charleston, the Holy City of South Carolina and one of the jewels of the Eastern Coast. It was founded in 1670 but managed to become the fifth-largest city in North America in only a decade. Nowadays, you can see and feel this history seep through every cobblestone road or beautiful landmark. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking Charleston is an underdeveloped city. Economic and technological development is one of its most vital points. This blossoming growth also provides many reasons to move to Charleston from all over the country, as well as the world. But, it's hardly the most important one. For many years, Charleston has been winning the "best city in the world" title. And that admiration is something that both tourists and residents share.


Caption: The vibrant streets and views offer many reasons to move to Charleston

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Looking from a strictly practical point of view, moving to Charleston is an excellent financial option. In general, South Carolina has low property taxes, ranking 9th place out of all the states. On par with low gas taxes, it’s very affordable to live and work. Charleston specifically has 59 neighbors, and the median housing prices are around $400,000. Of course, some more exclusive neighbors have higher prices, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. There are many beautiful and affordable homes, condos, and even waterfront apartments. However, Charleston is hardly the only place in the United States to offer this. With that in mind, here are the top reasons to move to Charleston that make it stand out from the other cities. 

  1. Weather

If you’re not a fan of chilly air and freezing temperatures, Charleston is the perfect place. The mild weather all year round is idyllic, and rarely does the temperature drop below zero. This also means that the chances of snow or hail are very slim. Compared to other coastal cities, Charleston has average humidity. However, summer does get hot, but it’s cooled down by the breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean. 


Enjoy many of the Charleston beaches during all seasons

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  1. Food and drink

Some of the best seafood and Southern cuisine is in Charleston. Apart from these classics, many restaurants offer foreign cuisine, and some experiment with the city's Caribbean and African roots. Furthermore, the food scene expanded in recent years thanks to the Food and Wine Festival. Many restaurants are also a part of Charleston Restaurant Week, during which they offer innovative menus and new flavors. And if that wasn't enough, every Sunday, you can experience the best brunch Charleston offers. 

  1. A sanctuary for history lovers

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina. In other words, it holds many cultural and historical monuments that can take you more than 350 years in the past. The style of the historical buildings ranges from Victorian, Federal, Greek, and Art Deco to many more. One of the most prominent buildings is the Pink House. It dates back to 1694 and is unique because of the pink Bermuda stone used in the build. History lovers may recognize Fort Sumter as a key location where the American Civil War began. Anywhere you walk, you'll discover a bit of history. 

  1. Top education opportunities 

Both public and private schools thrive in Charleston. The education system is one of the best and most extensive in South Carolina. Children of all ages can choose from a variety of schools and colleges. And since Charleston is a city rich in history, many educational facilities also serve as cultural amenities. The College of Charleston has been called the most beautiful campus in the state and the whole country many times. On top of that, the overall low tuition costs make this a perfect learning opportunity for ambitious students.

  1. Low unemployment

A reliable and strong economy brings many offers for employment. It’s not surprising that Charleston has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Additionally, its economy is also well above the state average. Even the moving experts at Homegrown Moving Company agree that it’s one of the main reasons many people choose to move to Charleston. The most prominent industries are those dealing with the military, medical and harbor fields. Not to mention the booming tourism is also one of the pillars of the economy.

There is never a shortage of job opportunities in Charleston 

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  1. Friendly people and neighbors

A single smile can go a long way. This seems to be an unofficial motto of Charleston, the city that fully embraces Southern hospitality. Not only do your neighbors smile and want to help you, but strangers do so as well. Charleston has been voted the Best City in the World couple of times by the readers of Travel + Leisure. So don’t be surprised if someone strikes up a conversation out of nowhere or smiles at you on the street. There is even an interactive text messaging service, Citibot, that residents and visitors use to access city information easily. Moving to Charleston will get you lots of small-town benefits while you live in this large city. 

  1. A bit of everything for every hobby

The many beaches on the shores of Charleston offer a wide range of leisure activities and sports. You can do almost any water-sport activity you can think of, like surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, shrimping, etc. However, if you prefer activities on more solid ground, Charleston has got you covered. James Island County Park is an outdoor paradise for nature lovers and pet owners. Wannamaker North Trail is the perfect blend of adventure and thrill for mountain bikers if you're looking for more recreational options. In addition to that, Charleston has a strong golf tradition, and there are endless opportunities to play golf, both professional and amateur. 

And if Charleston sounds like your dream city, know that interstate moving from Colorado to South Carolina has never been easier. You can rest assured that the Colorado-based team can help you plan your move and reduce unnecessary stress. Just imagine yourself on one of the many Charleston beaches, parks, restaurants, or even while doing simple stuff, like walking down the street or going to work. With this in mind, there is no reason not to start planning your move today.

As you can see above, there are many unique reasons to move to Charleston. Not to mention that you can always find something to do, and even meet and hang out with people from all over the world. And the best part is that even on the days you want to relax, your options are limitless.