Best neighborhoods in Charleston for young professionals


Charleston is already considered one of the best places to live in South Carolina, and that really doesn't come as a surprise. As one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the US, it comes with an abundance of opportunities. Work, nightlife, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, beaches, shopping; you name it – Charleston has it. Considering this, it is no wonder that countless young professionals, adventurous souls, and people looking to put down roots chose this gorgeous city to settle in. If you're planning to relocate to Charleston, choosing among the best neighborhoods in Charleston for young professionals can be a seemingly impossible task. To help you narrow down your search, we've compiled a list of the areas you will doubtlessly enjoy.

Moving to Charleston, SC

Moving is a challenging process, filled with many uncertainties. The chores of organization and planning can be overwhelming, and not knowing what awaits at the destination makes it so much more stressful. Well, if you chose to take that big step and move to The Holy City, you can rest easy. Quite a number of people moving to Charleston are well-educated and look for opportunities to advance their careers. As a young professional, this will be ideal for you. You will be able to meet new people and form meaningful connections, seemingly from the moment you arrive.

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Your neighbors will practically race to invite you over for sweet tea. Just be mindful: Sweet Tea more than justifies its name!

Of course, you've probably already heard the term "southern hospitality". If you're wondering – it's all true. A random passer-by will greet you with a smile and a hearty "hello" as you're walking down the street. Strangers will chat you up or strike a casual conversation, even though they see you for the first time. And don't be surprised if your neighbor invites you over for the cup of famous Southern Sweet Tea the moment the moving truck leaves your front yard. Charleston is fantastic that way, and knowing that you're moving to an accepting and relaxed environment is sure to help you deal with negative feelings during relocation and make it into a positive transition.

Charleston neighborhoods are very diverse

This is mostly due to the fact that they are developing at an increased pace, especially over the last decade. The other factor is the constant influx of people, making the city become even more diverse and colorful. Charleston is still in the process of becoming a medium to large-sized city, and that carries its benefits. Among others, affordable housing and acceptable costs of living in many areas. You might not be smack in the middle of Downtown, but that's ok since you'll never be far. Therefore, in the end, your choice boils down to personal preferences and financial abilities.

Living in Charleston doesn’t have to destroy your budget

If you're fresh out of college and just looking to start your career, these are some of the best neighborhoods in Charleston for young professionals. Although some of these neighborhoods aren’t in Charleston County, their proximity to the downtown makes them accepted as part of the greater Charleston area.

Goose Creek, Berkley County

This peaceful little town resides in Berkley County, and it’s only 30 minutes away from Downtown Charleston. It is also one of the most budget-friendly options on our list. Home prices here average at just below $180,000. It is a fast-developing area but not nearly as crowded as some other parts of Charleston. Job opportunities are plentiful, and there are always places hiring young professionals. Goose Creek also houses excellent schools, so if you're planning to start a family, this might be the perfect place. The downside of this neighborhood is that nightlife is scarce, but if peaceful and affordable living is your goal, you can't go wrong with Goose Creek.

Summerville, Dorchester County

If you're looking to advance your career (or jump-start it), Summerville may be the best place in the Charleston area for you. Some of the major businesses have offices or facilities in Summerville and nearby areas. Corporate beasts like Boeing, Google, and Volvo have their bases of operations here. Of course, many slightly smaller companies are also based in Summerville and are always on the lookout for young and capable professionals. Add to that the average home price of around $235,000, and you're looking at a great place to put down roots. 

The area is also perfectly suited for families with children. It is a gorgeous neighborhood, full of history and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Hanahan, Berkeley County

Another great area in Berkeley County, Hanahan is only about a 20-minute drive to downtown Charleston. Rent and house prices are lower than the rest of the city, sometimes quite a bit. Fun options around here are mainly focused on the great outdoors. This is mostly because of the proximity to the Goose Creek Reservoir, which makes water-based activities a logical choice. So, if you love boating, kayaking, or even bird watching, this will be your piece of heaven. Of course, we're not saying that nightlife is non-existent here. Hanahan still accommodates a plethora of bars and restaurants that make meeting new people all too easy.

West Ashley, Charleston County

West Ashley is the oldest suburb in Charleston. Interestingly enough, it's also one of the most affordable neighborhoods. Here, home and condo prices start as low as $125,000, which can be excellent if your budget is tight. However, the real estate market is booming, so low prices may not be down for long. 

As with other parts of Charleston, West Ashley is also developing at a dizzying rate. This suburb encompasses quite a large area, littered with amenities, large malls, spas, bars, and restaurants. And if you can't find something here, it's no problem. West Ashley directly borders downtown Charleston, so you're only a short ride away from the epicenter of happenings.

North Charleston, Charleston County (mostly)

North Charleston is a city in its own right. Still, we cannot fail to mention it. It’s simply too good to ignore because it offers all the benefits of Charleston but at a fraction of the price. This makes it one of the most desirable locations for young professionals, singles, and families alike. There's a wide array of job opportunities here. The most prominent job markets are in the health department, but many companies focus on software and tech development as well. If you're in these niches, it won't take you long to find a dream job here. 

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Finding a job in Charleston won’t be an issue. There is a multitude of companies looking for young professionals.

As a fast-developing area, North Charleston attracts people of all walks of life. Therefore, this is one of the most diverse neighborhoods of Charleston. Combine this with active and colorful nightlife, and your options for fun and socializing are nearly infinite.

Charleston is evolving swiftly – and you can grow alongside it

What we mentioned here are among the best neighborhoods in Charleston for young professionals looking to start their lives, careers, or families. They offer everything that you may need, to a larger or lesser extent. However, Charleston is a magnificent city that pushes its residents to excel in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, we have no doubts that living in any of these areas will be your springboard to a better life.


Article by Lisa Roberts