Best neighborhoods in Charleston for young professionals pt. 2

We already discussed the best neighborhoods in Charleston for young professionals.In our previous post, we focused on affordability; ideal "starter" options for anyonelooking to put down roots in this gorgeous city. Now, we will continue the list withoptions ideal if you want to up your game. Bear in mind that these neighborhoodsare more expensive, but they also have a lot more to offer—everything fromamenities to nightlife, job opportunities, and leisure activities. And, of course, you willbe in the epicenter of all the happenings. A true Charlestonian, if we dare say so!Exploring Charleston will take a lot of time and energyCharleston is a city of magnificent opportunities and unparalleled beauty. To exploreit and experience your new life to the fullest, you will need ample amounts of timeand energy. Thats why its essential to preserve as much of both during the

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young professionals.

As youre already aware, moving can be a demanding venture. It can clutter yourschedule, so its essential to make the right choice when it comes to movingcompanies. Reliable movers will help you with everything from planning topacking and heavy lifting. With their help, you will have enough free time and energyto start exploring Charleston from the moment you arrive. Indeed an ideal way tostart your new life.Downtown CharlestonWhat to say about Charleston, and not sound redundant? This gorgeous city topsthe list as the best place to live in South Carolina and often in the entire US.Renowned magazines and websites all sing high praises about The Holy City. And,honestly, its not hard to see why.Charleston offers something for everyone:● Plenty of job opportunities;● Exceptional schools;● High diversity;● Vibrant nightlife;● Bustling arts and culture scene;● A plethora of events and happenings;● Breathtaking beaches.

Thats why Downtown tops our list of best neighborhoods in Charleston for youngprofessionals. Following are three distinct areas on The Peninsula. We wont lie;choosing among them will be difficult. But, once you make a choice, you will neverregret it.

Wagener TerraceWagener Terrace is a true oasis of serenity, even though its in the middle ofDowntown. Here, constant commotion gives way to peace. Friendly neighborhoodchatter replaces the chaos of tourist-occupied areas. It's like time slows down so asnot to disturb the beauty of the place.Still, don't mistake the tranquillity of the area for monotony. A quick stroll down widesidewalks will show you that Wagener Terrace is quite a lively place

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Nights are when the neighborhood truly comes alive. Bars with live music, craft beerbars, and microbreweries are all the rage. So not only do you have the opportunityto have tons of fun and meet new people but to do so in a unique way.However, the most appealing thing about Wagener Terrace is the houses. If youdecide to become a proud homeowner, you will face an almost impossible choice.Each one is unique in its own right, and each has its own personality. Surroundingproperties only accentuate these traits, so if you want a piece of heaven thatreflects your uniqueness, Wagener Terrace is the perfect place for you.Harleston VillageHarleston Village only partially justifies the second part of its name. On the onehand, you have peaceful residential neighborhoods. Speckled with greenery, theygive off the warm and cozy small-town feel. This is among the best areas ofCharleston for relaxed family living.On the other, you have the College of Charleston. This beautiful campus dominatesthe landscape of Harleston Village. At the same time, it provides a constant influx ofyoung people. This makes the neighborhood alive and colorful, no matter thetime of day.The area itself is a true haven for history buffs. Its littered with historicallandmarks. So much so, in fact, that you can barely turn a corner without facingone. That surely makes finding your way around much more manageable!

As the icing on the cake, we have Colonial Lake and Moultrie Park. Both makeoutdoor activities greatly accessible. Whether you love family picnics, jogging, orlounging, "The Pond" offers a perfect escape from urban life.This balance makes Harleston Village one of the best places in Charleston for youngprofessionals, students, and families alike. Furthermore, this area is not as priceyas you might think, making it an ideal "beginners area" that will let you jumpstartyour life as a proud Charlestonian.As a downside: nightlife is scarce here. Quite strange, with all the students around,right? Still, with everything within walking distance, this doesn't come off as sucha negative. In fact, it is ideal if you love partying but not bringing the party home.South of BroadTo top-off our selection of the best neighborhoods in Charleston for youngprofessionals, we have the iconic South of Broad. It's not only one of the bestneighborhoods – but its also one of the most unique ones.

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South of Broad.

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The European architectural influence is noticeable in many areas of Charleston, butit is nowhere near as prominent as at South of Broad. Spiky Victorian homes,grandiose Colonial houses, and smooth Art Deco buildings are just some of thestyles that dot the streets. One would think that so many different designs wouldresemble a drunken painting. But, this couldn't be further from the truth. They blendin so well and create the impression of a living, breathing history.The people living here reflect the neighborhood, to say the least. They arededicated to the preservation of virtually everything; cultural heritage and historiclandmarks, personal connections, and traditions. In short: these are the people youwant as your neighbors.So, if you want an upscale home with a neighborhood to match, you can't gowrong with South of Broad.

Charleston – an embracing city you’ll love with all your hearthAnd there we have it! Some of the best neighborhoods in Charleston for youngprofessionals. Unique, alluring, and perfect if you want to be in the epicenter ofhappenings. And this will directly translate to your experience of The Holy City. Witheach passing day, you'll grow to love this place more. You will soon have a favoritepark, coffee shop, bakery, and before you know it, you will be proud of being aCharlestonian.

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