Charleston Zipline Adventures - The Experience

What really makes ziplining at Charleston Zipline Adventures so special comes from the people you share the adventure with and the guides who take you every step of the way. Their positive energy, funny stories, and love for adventure is contagious and only adds to the excitement of flying through the air from treetop to treetop. This shared experience of facing your fears together, cheering each other on, or achieving one of your bucket list goals is what creates the memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, there is also the ziplines themselves! When you take that first step off into the air, your adrenaline will be pumping and the exhilaration is incredible as you zip to your first platform in the trees. Each zipline gets longer and faster and more exciting as you go! There are 7 ziplines-the longest zip is 750 feet where you can reach speeds up to 26 mph. And, of course, there are the swinging bridges, the most famous “bridge of doom” as the guides like to call it is a 100 foot swinging rope bridge that stands high above the forest floor. Don’t worry though, you are always clipped in-it’s the illusion of walking across abyss that makes it exciting.

As you continue along  your zipline canopy tour, you will get a birds eye view of the forest and surrounding area. Immersed in nature with the wind “zipping” past you, you can completely let go of your day to day responsibilities and just enjoy being in the moment-being outdoors…soaking it all in.

So, If you are looking for something really cool and special to do and you want to do it with some amazing people, look no further! Book a Zipline Canopy Tour with Charleston Zipline Adventures!