Favorite Photo Locations In Charleston

With such a rich history and so much to do, it is no wonder that visitors from all over the world frequent Charleston, South Carolina.  Our city, known for its historic charm and scenic beauty, offers the shutterbug in all of us tons of beautiful locations to capture. Whether you’re an aspiring nature and landscape photographer or someone interested in having family photos taken during your stay, Charleston has so much to offer. Here’s a short list of some very notable locations in Charleston to capture.


Angel Oak on Johns Island

Experts estimate that Angel Oak is over 400 years old.  With its massive and sprawling branches, it’s clear why this gem on Johns Island is such a marvel.  Artists have traveled all over the world to see and capture this Southern Live Oak tree’s magnificence. You will have to time your visit if you are hoping for little foot traffic, as this is a popular attraction.  

Charleston Waterfront Park 

Located in the heart of Downtown Charleston, Waterfront Park is a wonderful place to relax, walk, picnic, and of course, take pictures. From the historic streets of Downtown to the beautiful views of the harbor, there’s so much available within walking distance. The ever so popular pineapple fountain rests in the middle of the park.  Adventuring further one can find picturesque cobblestone streets, park benches to take in the setting sun, nearby restaurants, and even the world famous Rainbow Row.  Though the park does not have dedicated parking, there are several parking garages within walking distance. 

Newly engaged couple shares a moment during their photo session with C. S. Nelson Photography

Boone Hall Plantation

Just a little ways over the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and into Mount Pleasant lies one of Charleston’s most treasured places - Boone Hall Plantation.  The beauty of this plantation is best seen in person, but many will have recognized scenes from Hollywood such as The Notebook, North & South, Alex Haley’s Queen, and many more.  The Avenue of Oaks that greets visitors on their drive in offers a breathtaking landscape that many photographers and painters can only dream of.  Boone Hall Plantation is a popular wedding venue as well.  Big beautiful oak trees, views over the marsh, seasonal flower gardens, the historical home, etc. are just a few of the beautiful things to capture while on site.

The beautiful seasonal flower gardens in front of the plantation house at Boone Hall.

White Point Garden

Located at the tip of the peninsula of downtown Charleston is White Point Garden.  With a beautiful view of the harbor, this historic site makes for a perfect photo location.  Big oak trees are scattered throughout this small park with charming streets lined with historic homes within walking distance.  The seawall features an elevated walking path that lends well for views of the harbor and the surrounding areas.  White Point Garden is a popular spot for weddings, elopements, family portraits, etc.  Though this park can get busy during the day, it is still among the must-see attractions in Charleston.

A family smiles for their portrait session at White Point Garden

In Conclusion

Charleston has so much to offer when it comes to beautiful and scenic locations.  Whether you are looking for historic southern charm or quiet natural landscapes, photographers and other creatives will be delighted with what can be captured in this beautiful city. So whether you are looking for a Charleston family photographer or wanting to plan your next adventure, this list offers a great starting point.