Guide to moving to Charleston in 2022

Let the games begin – your move to Charleston is approaching, and you've got no plan. That's why you're in the right place. Organizing a move is a complex project and involves a lot of factors. However, it doesn't need to be stressful and hectic – you just need the right guide. Well, this article will help you go through it – start taking notes, and let's see how you can make moving to Charleston in 2022 as smooth as it can be. 

Start acting now 

We can't stress this enough – starting your moving preparations early will ensure an easy relocation. It would be best if you had a couple of months to do everything, along with your other daily tasks and work. Give yourself enough time to ensure you're not overwhelmed with work and left with no energy once the moving day comes

One of the first things you can do is list all the moving tasks and create a timeline of the process. It will help you keep track of your progress. You’ll be able to tick off tasks as you take care of them, estimate the time you need to finish something, and ensure you don't forget to do anything from the list. 

Listing all the things you need to finish before moving to Charleston will help you stay organized. 


Get to know Charleston 

Getting to know the place you’re moving to is the best way to make the adjustment period shorter and the first couple of days simpler. Firstly, you should know the reasons why you'll love Charleston:

  • It’s like traveling back in time – Charleston is historically so rich, as it’s one of the oldest cities in South Carolina. You’ll love the charm of old buildings filled with stories from the past;
  • People are friendly – locals love living in Charleston and are happy to share that feeling with others. It's easy to make friends here, as people are friendly and helpful to people who have just moved;
  • Your kids can enjoy top-notch education – there are some great schools in the area, so you can be sure your young ones will have a good foundation for their future careers;
  • It's affordable – Charleston offers quite an affordable lifestyle to its residents, along with low property taxes.

Overall, Charleston is a great place to live and a fantastic city to raise kids. Make sure you explore your Charleston neighborhood a bit before you officially move, as it will be easier to get around once you arrive. Use online maps and social media to find out more about the place, visit your new neighborhood and try to meet the locals. They can tell you more about the area and give you some valuable information to help you adjust. 

Find out more about the area you’re moving to so you can get around faster.

Schedule your move on time 

Take some time to explore the best solutions for your moving day and book the most suitable date. Remember that you can save some money if you’re flexible with the time and date of your move – moving on weekends can be more expensive, for example. Browse the database browse local moving teams, and narrow your options. Select two or three moving teams and contact them for a moving estimate. Comparing their offers and their approach to your request will help you decide on the best choice for your move. However, make safety your top priority when looking for a mover. Always choose the team with enough local experience and positive recommendations and reviews. 

Pack smart 

Moving to Charleston in 2022 should be about efficiency, low costs, and simplicity. That's why you need to do your best to pack smart and have a smooth move. Make sure you bring only the items your family truly uses and needs. Removing clutter, old possessions, damaged pieces, outgrown clothes, etc., can make a significant change in how much time and money you need to pack. You'll save on packing supplies but also reduce the moving costs. 

The way you pack is also one of the ways to simplify the moving process. Organize your items by categories and rooms they go to – label the containers or boxes for easier handling. Finally, pay special attention to valuable and fragile pieces. These can get easily damaged, so investing in some additional protection goes a long way. 

Packing clothes for moving to Charleston, SC

Depending on where you’re coming from, you might have to revisit your wardrobe before you start packing. Due to its location, Charleston enjoys a subtropical climate. You can experience all four seasons throughout the year, but sometimes that happens only in one day. Be ready for warm, humid summers – something it may take a while to adjust. But the good thing is that winters are pretty mild, so there's no need for thick winter clothes and other cold-weather necessities. 

Packing doesn’t need to be messy and stressful if you start on time. 

Get additional storage 

Even though housing in Charleston is affordable compared to other cities, you may need to move into a place smaller than you’ve lived before. Storage units are a perfect way to free up some space in your home. It is also a secure place for your items until your new home is ready. Local moving and storage companies provide such services to the Charleston residents, so you don't need to worry about anything. 

Prepare for the big day

Make sure you have all details sorted out so the moving day can go as smoothly as possible. Have your items ready for the movers, and prepare for the road. Depending on how long you will be traveling, make sure to have all the documentation, snacks, and other things ready for the road. Finally, don’t forget to pack your first-night necessities separately. Have a box packed with things you’ll need on your first night in the new house, and make sure it’s separated from other boxes. This will ensure you’ve got everything you need without having to unpack utterly right after you arrive. Moving to Charleston will be a breeze if you follow our tips – it's time to start packing!