Surfin' Near Your Charleston Beach House


Folks who stay in a beach house in Charleston, namely one of our Isle of Palms vacation rentals, generally have a yen for a little island time.  You can wake up and see the ocean.  Eat a little breakfast on the deck.  Then stroll down to the beach from your luxury house on Isle of Palms for a day of kick-back time. 

And, of course, the especially nice thing about a Charleston beach house is that you can easily head into the Holy City to experience its charms and culture.  The downtown peninsula’s a stress-free drive from all our beach house rentals in Charleston SC.

But what some of those coming to our Isle of Palms luxury rentals might not realize, is what an established surfer scene there is around here. Matter of fact, it officially goes all the way back to 1963, when the Carolina Coast Surf Club was first founded.  This was back in the days when the idea of SC vacation rentals was barely a thought.  When a “beach house” meant a family place out on the islands where Charleston residents took their kids in the summer.

But these early surfers banded together and have kept it going and growing in the years since.  In fact, it evolved into a nonprofit in 2001, and now is involved in all sorts of great endeavors.  Their activities include cleaning up the IOP beach, sponsoring scholarships, taking part in the very cool Surfers Healing program, and helping out with the Surfrider Foundation. They have a heart for bringing surfers together and for preserving the ocean and beaches for everyone to enjoy.  New members are very welcome.  Here’s a link to CCSC’s website with all things surf related.

Their website also has a handy live surfcam, so you can check out current weather and wave conditions on the beach.  Here’s a link to thatThen again, you could also just look out the back of one of our beach rentals.  After all, most of them are right near the surf.

CCSC also provides all kinds of useful info, including a list of the six basic rules of surf etiquette.

Six Simple Surf/SUP Rules to Practice Near Your Beach House
- Right of Way
- Don’t Drop In
- Don’t Paddle Through the Lineup
- Please Don’t Ditch Your Board
- Don’t be a Snake
- Don’t be a Wave Hog.

Click here to read what each of these important rules actually means.

So come check out the local surfing scene.  And when you are looking for rental homes in South Carolina, namely luxury beach house rentals, be sure to call Exclusive Properties.  We’ll put you in the perfect beach house in Charleston, right near the surf if you’d like.

All the best,
Lowcountry Lisa
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