The Best Cycling Routes in Charleston, SC

Charleston is a city that doesn't need an introduction to the people who love to travel around our beautiful country. With its Southern architecture, fantastic weather, stunning nature, and great food and culture, not visiting the Holy City is a mistake if you want to experience the best our country offers. You might think there couldn't be more reasons to visit this historic city. However, if you love riding a bike, you will be delighted to discover that Charleston has many routes for cyclists that will fulfill all your recreational needs. The reason for this is because of the terrific location of the city. And the fantastic things Charleston has to offer for every visitor. So without much further ado, would like to share the best cycling routes in Charleston.


Charleston seafood bike route

We are starting off strong with the sea foot tour of the city. Charleston is known for its rich culinary tradition and has a lot of signature dishes that you cannot miss. Seafood in Charleston is a must-have. And no city tour is complete without some garlic crabs and fried whiting. First, start your bike journey on Rutledge avenue. Here, you will find many excellent seafood restaurants so that you can have a fulfilling meal right away. Next, make your way to Morris street, where you can have unforgettable fried shrimp and spicy red rice at soul food joints. From there, you can continue cycling to Old Mount Pleasant, a fishing village that's centuries old. Take advantage of great inns over there. The atmosphere is incredibly charming, and we are sure you will enjoy your time there.


Charleston will offer you an amazing experience.


From there, you can make your way to the harbor and try some of the seaside restaurants. This bike route will make you familiar with the city, and that's why it's one of the best cycling routes in Charleston. As professionals from state, Charleston has become a popular destination for relocation because of its bike-friendly activities. There are many seafood places in the Holy City that you can visit by taking the seafood route on a bike. It's a lovely way to spend an afternoon – with some exercise and delicious seafood!


The beach bike route is a must in Charleston

You might expect the Holy City to be all about historical buildings and culture, but you will be surprised to find out that Charleston has fantastic beach resorts. The Wild Dunes resort community is an excellent place for cycling. You can make your way from the historic center of Charleston down to Hwy. 703 Palm Boulevard, which runs along the Atlantic ocean. While being great for cycling, there is no end to other activities that Charleston's beach has to offer. From places ideal for a picnic, tennis courts, golf courses, excellent restaurants, and accommodations, the Wild Dunes is fantastic, especially in the summer. If you enjoy your time at the Isle of Palms, there are also many hotels, condos, and private home accommodations so you can extend your stay. These factors all make Isle of Palms one of the more exciting cycling routes in Charleston.


The Holy City offers great beaches where you can relax.


Staying away from touristy places can be just what you need

Although you must take advantage of its historic center and the beach, you might be overwhelmed by the number of tourists there, especially in summer. Even if it's a lot of fun, sometimes we would like to avoid crowded places to relax and enjoy nature. Worry not. Hampton Park is the right destination for you if you want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Charleston without bumping into tourists. This is because Hampton park is a bit further from the central historic district of downtown. But, its beautiful nature and architecture of 19th and 20th-century worker homes will impress you, and its quiet surroundings are ideal for picnics and relaxing. In addition, the scenery in the park is magnificent. There are many gardens, lawns, ponds, and plenty of hot oaks and Spanish moss. So, if you are ready for some long-distance cycling, take advantage of this amazing destination.


Charleston can be exciting but also a relaxing destination.


And if you're relocating to Charleston to enjoy more healthy activities, make sure to prepare your bike for the trip. It needs to be in excellent condition so you can enjoy cycling routes in Charleston as soon as you move in. Make sure you have plenty of supplies, are prepared for the weather, and have a plan for your activities.


Ansonborough can offer you an amazing experience

Ansonborough is a thriving area of historic peninsular Charleston. It's among one of the first suburbs of the Holy City. Located on the Cooper River side of the lower Charleston Peninsula, Ansonborough is convenient to the Market and King Street; Ansonborough offers a lot for your cycling experience. Named after an unfortunate pirate hunter George Anson, this borough will make you feel like you are on the set of the movie Treasure Island since Port of Charleston is right next to it and its union-style architecture. To experience Ansonborough to the fullest, you will need to explore every street. This is not a challenging task, the area is biker friendly, and its charming atmosphere and excellent restaurants will motivate you to stay there as long as possible. 


As you can see, these were some of the best cycling routes in Charleston. It is also a city perfect for exploring by bike and offers a lot for visitors. Its history, architecture, and cuisine make it a city you cannot miss. You should take advantage of the fact that Charleston is a bike-friendly city because it's also the best way to experience it. Its beaches and parks are worth a visit and offer different exercises, from quiet rides into nature to an exciting day in seaside bars. That's why we recommend Charleston as the ultimate city for cyclists, and you will be hard-pressed to find a place that offers the same experience in our country.




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