The Proven Summerville (Flowertown) Realtor is also a Gardner

To help you navigate the long climb to “here
are the keys” day, you owe it to yourself to select the best realtor possible. One
who answers emails and the phone. One who gives you options and actual
feedback. One who reminds you that your eyes might be bigger than your pocket
book. I’m forever grateful to the realtor who insisted that I not be house poor,
meaning that I could afford to own the house, and still afford the occasional ice
cream cone.

I introduce to you Susan Gardner, realtor and owner of FLOWERTOWN REALTY
131 S Main St. Summerville, SC 29483. Susan has been in real estate for over 22
years in the Low Country, and has a proven track record of success. She's been
helping clients buy and sell homes and investments with her vast knowledge and
experience. She's done everything from representing a local builder, to teaching
real estate classes, to being the Broker in Charge of a 90 agent office. She is
enjoying getting back to her clients full time and helping her agents with their
business in the smaller setting of Flowertown Realty. Born and raised in
Summerville, she knows all about the town, and likely offers more insight and
options then relocated or new realtors. Knowing all the nooks and crannies of this
growing housing market isn’t a secret to Susan Gardner. Currently, there is major
growth in Summerville, and it’s a buyer’s market. Professionals are finding that
they can navigate their jobs from their home office, and Summerville affords
them a better lifestyle for less. Finding your new corner of the world awaits you in
Summerville, SC, and Susan Gardner is there to assist.
I so enjoyed my time interviewing Susan Gardner for this article. You’ll enjoy her
too, so give her a call if you’re heading this way to have a look. (843-270-6651)
I asked her about the current market. The days when a client would just want to
browse a handful of homes in the afternoon are over she told me. The perfect
house is out there, and people are grabbing them up in no time. Flowertown
Realty is smack dab in the middle of the historic town square. Folks pop their
heads in all day long to say hello. Susan’s mom works the front desk part time. In
a nutshell,l I found Susan Gardner to be a spitfire. She is smart, funny, and direct.
Several years ago, Susan became a life coach so she could better serve her clients.
Buying and selling a home can be an overwhelming experience. Susan took the
time to train as a lifestyle coach mainly to understand her client’s needs and to
better serve them. We all don’t fit into the same mold, and the lifestyle training
made Gardner’s life easier. It opened the door for greater options for her clients.
With over 22 years of business experience Flowertown Realty serves the
community of Summerville by promoting and preserving the historic homes and
promoting business development. She loves her hometown and helps others love
it too.

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Susan Gardner’s blog is free to explore. It’s
loaded with articles covering the full range of businesses and activities in
Summerville, SC.
Summerville Historic Homes and Flowers Walking Tour (download your tour
brochure) Here is some great information on some of the historic homes in
Summerville. The Summerville Historic Homes and Flowers Walking Tour is also a
great way to spend the afternoon. Check out the map or download the brochure.
You can park at Azalea Park near the tennis courts and start walking down West
6th South Street to Sumter, to Charleston St to Rutherford and back down S Main
to the park. Take your time and enjoy all the beautiful homes on your walk.