Things to Do with Your Dog in Charleston

Charleston, a charming city in South Carolina (SC), is known for many exciting things - fantastic architecture, plenty of sightseeing spots, versatile entertainment options, etc. But, if you have ever been there before, you probably know the most important thing about it - its hospitality towards visitors and their dogs. Whether you want to take your dog to the park, beach, coffee shop, or down to the city center, you can. There are no limits here. But, of course, some places are simply better than others when it comes to spending time with your furry friend. And, that will be our topic of the day. Namely, today, we will talk about all the fun things to do with your dog in Charleston. 

First, Find a Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you plan on spending a couple of days in Charleston, the first thing you must do is find a place to stay. But that can't be just any place. It must be a pet-friendly one. Luckily, Charleston is full of them. Whether you are looking for a hotel, hostel, or an apartment somewhere, you will be able to find it easily. Just check sites such as Airbnb, for example. But, be careful. Most pet-friendly places for rent tend to be booked rather quickly. So, it would be a good idea to book your stay a couple of weeks in advance.

Go for a Walk Down King Street

Once you and your dog have settled in, it is time to start exploring Charleston. And one of the best paths to take is down King Street. There, you can see some great examples of homes that date back to the Civil War days. This entire street is full of elegant homes, beautiful gardens, and grand side porches. Trust us; rare are the sights like these. Everything here is peaceful and serene - quite different from the rest of the city. So, if you have a chance to come here, take your dog and go for a walk, you will love it.

Check out the White Point Garden

When you are done taking in all the sights of King Street, continue walking, and you will reach the famous White Point Garden. This beautiful garden is full of trees, bushes, flowers, sculptures, etc. There is a small museum nearby where you can learn all about the cannons and mortars placed in the park. If you like historical sites, this place will not disappoint you. However, the most beautiful part of this park is a place where you can sit down and watch how the Ashley and Cooper Rivers slowly go into the Atlantic Ocean.

But, if your pup gets a sudden burst of energy, do not worry - the park is big enough for all the zoomies in the world. Moreover, you do not have to worry about running together with your dog - the entire park is an off-leash dog area. 

Then, Go to the Battery

A couple of minutes further from the White Point Garden is the famous Battery - a fortified seawall. The Battery was originally built to protect the city from attacks, but nowadays, it serves as a promenade. When you stand on it, you will be able to see Castle Pinckney, Fort Sumter, and Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse.

Going on this route from King Street to the White Point Garden and then finally to the Battery is one of the best things to do with your dog in Charleston. You will be able to learn a lot about American history, enjoy the greenery and fresh air, and your dog will be able to walk all day long and chase a lot of squirrels.

Go to One of Many Beaches 

Did you know that many people with dogs have moved to South Carolina from North Carolina and other states because of so many unique pet-friendly places? , they did not want their dog to suffer. Charleston is the city in SC with the most pet-friendly parks, trails, streets, beaches, etc. So, if you want to enjoy all the freedom with your dog, you can also consider moving here. To come to SC safely, make sure you hire good interstate movers too! You will need all the help you can get when relocating with your dog. 

But, let us go back to things to do with your dog in Charleston. Our next suggestion has to be the beaches. Charleston is full of them, and they are all pet-friendly. You can, for example, go to Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, and Kiawah Beachwalker Park. There, your dogs can run, play a game of fetch, meet other furry friends, etc. And, while they are doing all of that, you can rent a deck chair and enjoy your day off. 

Fill Your Tummies in a Pet-Friendly Restaurant 

We cannot talk about pet-friendly activities in Charelston without mentioning all the cool cafes here that let you bring your dog (or a cat, parrot, rabbit, etc.) inside. No more eating on the bench - now, you and your doggy can dine with style. Our advice is to check out the restaurant called Fuel Cantina. This charming little, Caribbean-influenced restaurant will not only prepare a dish for you but also your dog. 

Of course, have in mind that not all restaurants and coffee shops are pet-friendly here. Most of them are but do not get in trouble by walking into one that is not. Ask before you go inside. 

There are many more fun things to do with your dog in Charleston, but we will leave exploring up to you. If you do not know where to go, just put on your walking shoes and let the dog take you. Wherever you go, you can't go wrong - after all, the entire city is pet-friendly. 



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