Tips for organizing an interstate move to Charleston

No matter how much you look forward to it, planning an interstate move is always stressful. Thankfully, it is possible to do it well in advance, so you can take your time and ensure everything goes smoothly! To help you with this, we have prepared some tips for organizing an interstate move to Charleston.


Cost of living in Charleston

Interestingly enough, while the cost of housing in Charleston is somewhat higher than the national average, the cost of everything else is lower. It means you will need to carefully consider if it is better to rent or buy in Charleston for your family. But, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself once you settle in, at least when it comes to most expenses.


Best neighborhoods to settle in

It is always better to know what neighborhoods to check out when planning an interstate move. This way, you will know which to focus on when you make a trip to look around the city.


Harleston Village

This particular neighborhood houses the College of Charleston. It means you will be dealing with all the positives and negatives of living near a bunch of college students. The variety of housing on offer is astounding, however. Small or big, cheap or expensive, you will be able to find something that suits you here.


South of Broad

The homes here are admittedly a bit more expensive. However, they have considerable historic charm. The neighborhood also houses Battery Park, which will offer a relaxing, beautiful location to enjoy with family or your significant other.


Mount Pleasant

The housing prices in this suburban Charleston area are not that bad, and what particularly recommends it are the advantages it offers to young families. It houses award-winning public schools, so you will be guaranteed an excellent environment to raise your kids, especially coupling the schooling advantages with the very low crime rates of the area.


North Charleston

Often lauded as the fastest growing area of Charleston, this particular neighborhood has even more diverse housing than Harleston Village. It also offers excellent commute options to most areas of the city and quick access to the Charleston International Airport.


West Ashley

If you want to live close to the heart of the city and yet still live near water, this is the location for you. The area offers a great view of the Ashley River. The housing options here are also some of the most affordable for this proximity to the Charleston downtown.

Caption: Ashley River offers some stunning scenery!


Things to do before your move

Take care of everything tied to your address

It can be a pain to think of everything on the spot. But one of the most critical tips for organizing an interstate move to Charleston is to take care of everything tied to your old address well before your move. The moving experts from Supreme Movers warn that many relocations get delayed due to obligations not handled at the previous address! The first thing to do is have your mail redirected to your new address. Then, cancel your utilities and any subscriptions tied to your old home. Finally, you can try to get your documents altered with the new address ahead of the move, though in some cases, it might be only possible to get it done once in Charleston. 


Account for kids and pets

The second of our tips for organizing an interstate move to Charleston is to keep a close eye on your pets and kids. Both can get stressed very, very easily by an interstate move. Pets because they tend not to handle travel or changes well. Kids because they will be leaving behind friends, family, and the city they grew up in. Spend plenty of time with your kids to reassure them. Encourage them with something to look forward to after the move. For example, plan how to enjoy winter in Charleston! And buy a suitable, comfy carrier for your pet. Do so well before the move, and let them get acquainted with it, too.

Caption: It might be wise to take a walk with your pet in the carrier to get them used to it.


Find reliable movers

Even if you are moving from a nearby state, such as from North Carolina to South Carolina, the way to have an easy process of it is to ensure you have hired reliable professionals! To ensure a smooth move, you should find a moving company specializing in or that has experience with interstate moves. Preferably one that has previously moved people to Charleston in particular. Of course, you should still pay attention to reviews and even request referrals from previous customers.

Caption: Remember to get some quality boxes or containers!



Say goodbye to your friends and family

The final of our tips for organizing an interstate move to Charleston is to take some time to catch up with friends and family! They will have likely helped you in your efforts to learn how to plan a relocation to Charleston, at least a little. And it would be a shame to leave your old home without making some final happy memories. Even if you will be moving away, meeting new people, and finding new friends, it is essential to cherish your old friends and loved ones. Besides, they will be just a trip away! And you can always use the internet to stay in touch.


Things to do after your move

When it comes to planning an interstate move, it is important to look ahead and think about what you should do once you've moved, as well. Of course, since you still do not know your future home well, it is enough to consider what needs to be done quickly. Here are the most important things: 

  • Get your utilities set up
  • Unpack all your essentials first
  • Find where everything is in your new home (such as shut-off valves, light switches, etc.)
  • Explore your new neighborhood
  • Meet your new neighbors


Final word

Now that you have gone through our tips for organizing an interstate move to Charleston, you should be ready to start preparing! As long as you do your best and look out for your family members, you will do just fine, both in your current and future home.




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