Top 6 Picnic Spots in Charleston, SC

Spending time in nature is beneficial for one's mind and body. Experts alike advise on all manner of activities, from simple walking to running and biking. However, you don't necessarily have to do any sports activity to reap the benefits of fresh air and the serenity of natural landscapes. One such way is to have a picnic. Not only will you be breathing the fresh air, but you'll also bond with the people or person you are having a picnic with. And finally, you'll get some vitamin D. And did we mention food? Yes, eating delicious food is another huge, if not the most significant, benefit of a picnic. All in all, there are many reasons why everyone should go on a picnic from time to time. So here are the top 6 picnic spots in Charleston, SC, you shouldn't miss visiting.

1 Hampton Park is one of the favorite spots in Charleston

In Downtown Charleston, there's a park that has a special place in the hearts of many, if not all, Charlestonians. According to historians, this is where Memorial Day came about. It is the largest park in this city and the most urbanized one, with on-site toilets and parking amenities. But apart from these practical modern-day comforts, Hampton Park is one of the best picnic spots in Charleston. 

The staff and volunteers take good care of the beautiful greenery there, which has become the home of many birds and squirrels. There are patches of meticulously maintained flowers, such as roses, you can set up a blanket next to if that is the view you prefer. Playgrounds are available for the children, and picnic tables are for those who don't like eating the traditional picnic way. It's simply a location in Charleston that is perfect for a nice day, and bringing food along only makes it more perfect.

2 Colonial Lake offers relaxation near the city center

Another location in the heart of Charleston is Colonial Lake. It's for those who like to walk, but not too much. Colonial Lake provides a dose of relaxation for the busy who work or live in the city center but don't always have the time to go too far for a little stroll in nature. A picnic in this location would be a more urban affair with just enough flora for the earth child in you to rejoice. 

Among other things, this lake is why many people choose this neighborhood to move to. In case you are one of them, here's a piece of advice from the experts in moving from Don't choose the rush hour for your prime relocation time, or it will take much longer to get to your new place and much harder to find suitable parking for the moving van. Or just hire professionals that will know what to do and when while you are sitting on one of the benches next to the Colonial Lake, waiting in a stress-free manner for your new life to start.

3 Northbridge Park is for those that seek peace and tranquility

To add a bit more fun to your relaxing picnic day, go to Northbridge Park in West Ashley and bring your fishing gear. This is a waterfront park with a fishing pier and picnic tables. Fishing has long been a father-and-son bonding activity. But there's no reason why it couldn't be a mother-and-daughter or father-and-daughter one as well. This area is very clean, so sitting on the blanket on the ground is acceptable here, even for the most hard-core of tidy people. And also, this is the park that offers absolute tranquility.

4 Waterfront Park mesmerizes its visitors with a bit of exotic charm

Speaking of waterfront parks, Charleston has an actual Waterfront Park, too. The marvelous Pineapple Fountain and many rows of palm trees make this park somewhat exotic. The view from it to the harbor allows the visitors to observe the boats and immerse in daydreaming about faraway lands. You can take your whole family there, as it can be an inspiring place to make plans and arrangements for the future. For example, you can have a family picnic meeting where you'll make plans about your upcoming relocation to keep everything under control. This is also an excellent company team-building spot. It is not too far from the city center and provides a perfect backdrop to lift the spirits of your coworkers. All in all, a picturesque location in Charleston for a picnic. 

5 Etiwan Park is one of the top picnic spots in Charleston

Etiwan Park is located on Daniel Island and is a great place to picnic with some physical activity. There are open-air facilities for basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and football, as well as very nice trails for walking. People love bringing kids here as there are great playgrounds nearby, and everything is safe for them to enjoy a lovely day in the open.  

6 The Battery is a perfect picnic date spot

The Battery is a historical landmark that stands as another silent witness of the Civil War. Today, it is one of the most favorite places to observe the sunset and the beautiful architecture of mansions. There's a promenade for romantic walks to stretch your legs after a lovely picnic. As you've probably guessed, most people consider it a perfect romantic date location.

Final thoughts

All of these six picnic spots in Charleston, SC, are beautiful in their own right. Which would be perfect for you, in particular, depends on your taste, lifestyle, and current needs. But the truth is, your day will be delightful no matter which one you choose. The locations have a bit of something for everyone. At the end of the day, they all provide fresh air and a piece of stunning nature to their visitors, and that is all one should ever need to be happy on a lovely spring afternoon that is coming soon. 


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