So What Exactly is Wild Blue Ropes?


Are you or your kids looking for something adventurous to do in Charleston? Fresh out of cool ideas, and needing to try something different? Do you want an outdoor experience that's both a mental and physical challenge? 
Why not get out and try the Challenge Course at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park? It's a completely addictive activity that Charleston locals and visitors of all ages enjoy!
The Wild Blue Ropes experience begins at check-in, where the friendly and highly trained staff checks you in for the ultimate Charleston ropes park adventure. One of the experienced Wild Blue Crew members will individually fit each person in your group with a climbing harness and helmet. You head off to "ground school" where you will learn how use the climbing equipment, which you are clipped into at all times, even while transferring from one element to another. Safety is paramount at Wild Blue Ropes, and great pride is taken in having & maintaining top-notch equipment.  

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Cross-Fit Warrior or a Rugged Maniac to embrace the Wild Blue Ropes experience. The 72 suspended obstacles are expertly designed with varying degrees of difficulty. Much like a ski trail, the Wild Blue Ropes course is color coded indicating difficulty - from beginner to expert.
Getting down off WB Challenge Course is an entire adventure in itself! People have the opportunity to jump from an 35 ft. elevated platform, and to experience the adrenaline rush of leaping out of your comfort zone first hand. It never gets old watching visitors do this again and again - once the initial trepidation passes.
Wild Blue Ropes is a fun, exciting, safe, and challenging adventure in Charleston. Guests leave with a huge sense of accomplishment. So give it a try - we think it's an outdoor activity your whole family will love!

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is located at 1595 Highland Avenue on James Island. The park is currently OPEN to the general public on Fridays & weekends, and groups of 12 or more can be booked any day of the week by appointment. Learn more or make reservations at / 843-225-1555.