'All the Dangerous Things' a Psychotic Thriller

Charleston Resident Stacy Willingham Follows Her Debut Novel With Another Must Read Page Turner

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

Proving her debut release 'A Flicker in the Dark' was no fluke, New York Times best selling author and Charleston resident Stacy Willingham's sophomore release 'All the Dangerous Things' is equally compelling and a hauntingly psychotic page turning thriller. Covering 320 pages 'All the Dangerous Things' takes readers on a wild ride revisiting repressed memories, lies we tell each other, and dark family secrets that keep us up at night. aaaaaaaadangerousthings

'I can only imagine what you're going through'. Quite frankly Isabelle (Izzy) Drake is tired of hearing that refrain, especially from TV hosts, investigators, and everyday people with no idea the mental anguish she's been enduring since Mason, her young son was taken from his crib one year ago. Now on the anniversary of his disappearance and with numerous cold case clues providing no resolution, a chance meeting with Waylon a true crime podcaster specializing in abductions brings Isabelle a glimmer of hope. But for how long.

With a history of active sleepwalking and family tragedy during her youth is Isabelle in the right frame of mind to actively pursue her own child's strange vanishing. The unsolved mystery surrounding Mason has already cost Isabelle her marriage to Ben, who unlike her is attempting to heal and move on, including seeing another woman.

Alone in a big house, chasing insomnia that provides only fragmented sleep, followed by unconscious sleepwalking can Isabelle face a stark reality others offer up, or will she remain haunted by her past. Has her diagnosed psychosis and sleep deprivation heightened her insecurity. aaaaaaaadangerousthings3

Does Isabelle's disorder make her a prime suspect? Was she unfit to be a mother? Is her son in a better place? Does Waylon have a hidden agenda, and will visiting her childhood home provide answers for Isabelle? And what do the restless neighbors know about a woman who walks the neighborhood in the dark of night? 

'All the Dangerous Things' is ripe with unexpected twists and turns. Stacy Willingham's second novel proves this young writer will be entertaining voracious readers for quite some time. This book is gripping and hard to put down. For more on this talented writer visit https://www.stacywillingham.com/